unsolvable problem?

When I unwrap one model then I start to texture it. Every so often I test the texture to see how it looks. On this one model no other model the spider web texture does not sit on the face with the proper coordinates. Uv is checked and I have done this several times before with no problem. Any thoughts? I don’t think any of you will figure thsi one out. I have tried everything. I did not link an image because most of you know how a tecture looks with the wrong buttons checked.


You should at least post a pic. Not sitting correvctly in what manner? Offset, inverted x or y. rotated? See this post and download the blend file:
It looks to me like the uv coordinates of this mesh got inverted in some areas because the mesh was extruded from edges. If you manually invert the edges on the effected faces, the textures invert and sit correctly on the mesh.

also make sure you have “flat” selected and not cube, tube or sphere. ideally those buttons would just dissappear when you hit UV…

Since i wrote I tried everything I could think of nothing worked. Remember I have made about 6 or 7 heads had no problem, anyway today I tried it again and the unfinished texture is sitting perfectly, go figure. i don’t waht happened, I woulfd like to know so it won’t happen again but it’s ok now. Sorry I wasted your time.