[UNSolved]Unexpectedly Rotated Bitmap Text

Edited: even when adding a line in that rotates the of the text object to the Z of either active camera, it does not seem to do what I would exepect, and rotates.

Edited again: aligning the axis of the bitmap plane does not seem to actually make it align with what i would expect, no matter what axis.

I tried changing my halo text from the world scene to the hud scene so it overlays. The code is the same but, when I changed the scene in which the text appears ( by sending a message) as each bitmap character is added to the left for each char in the string, it is rotated slightly clockwise.


def display_halo_text(string,target):

empty = logic.getSceneList()[1].addObject('damage_text_empty','HUD_origin',90)    

follow_pos = target_o.worldPosition.copy()
screen_pos = logic.getSceneList()[0].active_camera.getScreenPosition(follow_pos) < screen position of world scene active camera of object position.

When I change this to the overlay’s scene active camera I get more rotation
empty.worldPosition.x = screen_pos[0]
empty.worldPosition.y = screen_pos[1] <redundant since i can set the character to screen pos directly, but changing this doesn’t change the rotation issue

for i,char in enumerate(string):
    character = logic.getSceneList()[1].addObject('damage_text','HUD_origin',0)
    character.worldPosition = empty.worldPosition.copy()
    character.worldPosition.x += i
    #print(character.worldPosition) prints &lt;.5,.5,0&gt;, &lt;1.5,.5,0&gt;&lt;2.5,.5,0&gt; etc
    #print(character.localOrientation) prints Matrix &lt;1,0,0&gt;&lt;0,1,0&gt;&lt;-0,0,1&gt; for each char
    #print(character.worldOrientation)prints same as above for each char
    character['Text'] = char