Unsure how to approach this

I’m trying to create a structure similar to a stroller/pram canopy.
Please attached bad sketch.
The idea that it can fold out and back and all sections are joined at the sides.
what I cant get my head around is which is the best approach to build a section, thinking maybe a curve and profile, but I’m not sure how to taper the sides to the connection point?
Also how to scale duplicate the section, scale it while keeping the profile thickness?

Any help would be Great
Cheers in advance

may be add a sphere and remove unwanted parts !
shape might be good
otherwise need to make custom shape

happy bl

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Maybe this might give you some ideas on how to build it the way you want. I wasn’t exactly sure.

PramTop.blend (1.1 MB)

Thanks Graeme,
Thank you very much, that’s a great Idea, I’m thinking now I could use 3 spheres, each decreasing in size, so they sit inside each other, then scale them inwards along the Y or X and finally remove the unwanted parts for each sphere,like shown in your example.
Any thoughts?

Hi Adam. No problem at all. Glad it got you thinking.

Yes. You could probably start with the three spheres but I think it might be better to work with one and get the shape you want then duplicated and and modify/shrink the way you want. I’m not sure if you’re rigging this or what the final end result is, but I’d watch for curvature on the back part and how the inner ones start rotating up. You may have an issue of having to figure out clearance. Also, think about the thickness of those pieces and how they shift/slide where they are pinned together. Some trial and error ahead of you. Good luck. Let us know how it works out. Have a great evening.

I think you want the canopy as below:

1.Spin a semicircle, cursr as pivot, 3 steps and 30 deg
2. Solidify it eg minus 1.5cm
3. Pivot spin the outer semicircle 3 steps, 30deg and solidify it minus 1.5cm
4 Repeat step 3

Remove doubles after each spin and recalculate normals

If you need to animate the canopy, separate its parts by selection after you model it.

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Don’t know what your end goal is, But I did a quick mock-up in this way…
I used a circle and extruded the vertices to build up a frame…added a constraint for rotation…I built the shell out of a 1/4 sphere, sliced down the center frame for two sections…set vertex groups on the edges and a couple of shrink-map modifiers with a project, and used the vertex groups…
I figure that way…you could have pin groups and use them on the sections for a cloth sim…

Got ya, tahnk you very much

Thank you very, I’m seeing so many different ways to approach this, everyone is blowing my mind lol

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I couldn’t quite tell from the original sketch whether the pieces were supposed to be flat, like some kind of hand-fan … Any such shape could quickly be modeled as a closed [Bezier …] curve, then turned into a mesh if necessary.