Unsure how to model this sloping curve


On the pictures below I’m trying to create the 90 degree sloping curves to a high degree of accuracy. The green lines indicate the slope, angle etc.

For whatever bizarre reason this is giving me a huge mental block, just this particular shape. I’ve also tried looking at the shape from different angles but I’m still unable to create it.

If the picture isn’t enough the curve is a rear part for a model of audio speaker, named “LS11”.

Thank you.


If the picture isn’t enough the curve is a rear part for a model of audio speaker, named “LS11”

The picture really isn’t enough… the file would be more helpful so I didn’t have to model from scratch. Logitech ls11 pics suggest that you should model with sharp corners and then use BEVEL to round them off.

I hope this linked file is fairly clear. There is a shear operation to slant the mesh. The last bevel of the edges could be better if replaced with some carefully fixing of the topology and adding support loops before adding a subdivision surface modifier - but you can do that yourself…


Definitely use Cube, rather two of them. Second will cut off extra of the first. Use Ctrl-B to bevel 4 selected edges on the first and 2 edges of the second cube. Move mouse and scroll up mouse wheel to get needed radius.

Thanks for the reply Druban,

Sorry about not including a .Blend file, I hadn’t actually got to building a full model since I was trying to work out how to create this particular curve first, I have a habit of not starting something until I’ve figured out all geometry aspects.

Your version is pretty good, though it’s not quite close enough (I’ve never used shear before and it seems like an interesting tool).

The reason I find this so difficult is because for me it’s hard to gauge what exactly the curve is doing, getting the angles right from every view etc. The curve seems to bend 90 degrees vertically while at the same time bending 90 degrees horizontally, but it’s not that simple, It’s really hard to explain. The image below is not far off accuracy wise for the angles though I did this with curve paths and I’d to be able to create this in a more controlled means.


Thanks eppo, that seems to do the trick, wish I had thought of using Boolean for this, very clever.

Why does it have to be accurate?

sorry but don’t understand your double views curves

redo the front side top by hand this time on one drawing not 3
so we can better see the effect of the 3 gradients
showing the 3 curvatures

it can be done with 3D nurbs surface with precision

Eppo did a model
can you show where the curves fit on that model !

happy bl

it sounds as if you are happy with the Boolean, but this is not a complex surface and Boolean is a messy solution. If you look at Amazon’s multiple views you can see its geometric basis quite well

Yea… While Booleans in Blender leave messy geometry this does not mean results can not be used be it render or stl for a print.

Point is all these curves which are “doing something” is one intersection curve of two surfaces. Be it Boolean difference or Knife project or Intersect - Knife Intersect in Blender terms.


I’m pretty pleased with this, will continue to tweak it. If there are alternate ways I’d love to know them too for future reference.

Someone who’s native language is probably not English sent me a private message asking about this, accidently removed it without sending a reply. I think maybe they were asking about how to use Boolean for this? (Only glimpsed the name for a second and don’t think it was anybody who posted in the thread)