untextured building thingy

this is a picture of a building at my school next to my rendition of it. it’s part of an environment that I’m putting together:


it might be a while before I get a textured version up, I’m currently thinking that I’m going to hand paint all of them in the gimp (because I’ve lost my mind). So however long that takes.

sorry if it’s kind of hard to make out the details, It’s difficult to see with nothing but the default material… yeah… so that’s it…

I’d say it looks pretty good so far. As you said, some of the details are hard to see. One thing I do notice is that the deck/stairs don’t have any supports; that is, the deck is hovering.

looks quite good. needs a bit more modelling and then some good textures.

keep it up and happy blending


PS It could be usefull to provide a link for people to copy and paste because it’s not very easy to see the pic right now ( geocities isn’t fond of direct linking)