Untitled #3

(final composite)

I have been playing around with Blender 3.1 Alpha daily builds for a few days now and sharing ideas that end up being a bit interesting.

This was based of a vague “underwater” idea that had been bouncing around in my head. Additional software/assets used Make Human, Quixel Megascans and Affinity Photo

(first pass raw render, once I got the underwater environment I liked working with the lighting i had in mind I focused on working on a better composition)

(second pass raw render, fixed the pose)

(third pass raw render, pushed the composition a bit further while working out the style the set dressing would be)

(fourth pass raw render, used Quixel Megascan assets plus a few free assets found online to set dress and added some bubble particles…who doesn’t like bubbles :slight_smile: )

(Solid pass of the final composition)

Thanks for viewing!

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