Untitled MMORPG - Seeking 3D Artist

Team name:
Putrid Panda, just a working name until we can come up with something better.

Project name:
Untitled, want your input.

Brief description:
This is using a custom in house built engine, not blender. But we are most likely going to end up modelling in blender or max.
A third person/first person? MMORPG (we will see about the MM part) that has been in development for about 6 months. Its still in the early stages but most of the early early foundation work has been already done.

We are not aiming to compete with WoW or anything stupid like that. We are just adding small things to it now and then and then will see how far with can take it technology wise.

So far our ideas for the game are something along these lines:
-fast paced real time combat, swing your sword whenever you want
-pvp based with outdoor pve elements
-dungeons/raids if technology permits
-basic crafting
-horror/gothic/plague theme with some areas being nice. Although thats just an idea
-some bleach style moves?

Target aim:
Cash shop business model.

We are inviting you to be part of the permanent team. And hopefully we can become good friends. Whatever profits we get will be divided equally. We have no ‘NDA’ or anything like that, feel free to build your portfolio up using the game’s models.

In house built engine using some free middleware. RakNet (network) is the only library so far that has any license cost and that is only when a company is earning above a certain amount (much more than the actual license cost).

The engine uses OpenGL and is being programmed in C++.

Has basic working collision, animation, flexible collidable camera system which supports first person too. Plays videos and much more. Server is already under development and has advanced security checks, chat, logging on and authentication. mysql database integration in the near future.

I have a kick ass network model which is based on the source engine. So far it works very well. The collision is server sided meaning its virtually impossible to cheat. The only thing a client does is send ‘I pressed A’ and renders stuff.

Talent needed:
We need 1 person only, maybe 2 max.
We need a 3d modeller who can also draw (optional). We also need some GUI designs and possibly website designs. We need someone who can speak English well.

Team structure:
Currently its just a programmer and my real life friend (Modeller/Artist) working on it casually.

I have been programming for about 4.5 years, know C++, OpenGL, DirectX10+11 pretty well.

The artist is still learning and needs some guidance.

We are based in London, UK.

We are very friendly people and communicate via msn or teamspeak/ventrillo at times and ofcourse in real life.

No website yet, not rushing things.

PM me in this forum.
[email protected] <- my email.

Previous Work by Team:

Additional Info:
Some screenshots: (These are very early screenshots which do not represent the final quality in any way, they are pretty much shaderless)

Cant link here: check out our blog for screenshots: putridpanda.blogspot.com


I love bleach!! I could be your modeller, i’ve already made a few zanpakuotos. And i can program in C++ as well. So can i join?

You seem to sound like you know what you’re doing, but it’d be cool if you could let us see your progress instead of telling us :slight_smile:

Seeing wildboar started this thread 7 months ago with only the one post I’ll assume he no longer is looking for a team.