*Untitled Platformer* Possible WIP

I am sure you all have seen plenty of ‘So I have this idea posts’, which makes you wonder why this one is any different. Well, the truth of the matter is, I can say nothing at this point to make you think that this is any better than some potential dust collector.
However, I’m going to post it anyway, because I need to know if it is possible for me to implement my idea with blender.

Now I know and love blender, me and blender have seen some good times, and I’ve seen those times where you just scream at the monitor until it does what you want. But sadly I do not know if blender can handle my new platformer idea.

The idea is simple, you play as a small stick man, running around in 2d getting from one door to another. But, you have at your disposal the ability to teleport a short distance.
The first levels will be simple and explain the rules of ‘Tele-Jumping’.

Rule #1: You use the left mouse click to tele-jump
Rule #2: You can only Tele-jump a few feet (possible one or two blender units? I don’t know how to work out measuring this yet.)
Rule #3: You can not 'Tele-jump through objects

I want Tele-jumping to work on a ‘Follow the most direct path’ type scheme. This will prevent the players from just click on the other door and beat that level. I also don’t want to be able to go through objects. I want it to work sort of like, the play clicks a spot and the player’s character is moved there like a rag doll. If it hits a wall along the wall stops at that wall.

My question is, How do I implement that with Blender? I am sure I will need to use some python scripting, which I am still only a beginner at. I do know that I would need a script that does these things:

1.Detect where the player clicks
2.Detect if the player’s character will collide with anything in the most direct path from their current position to the position of the click.
3.Make the player’s character disappear and then reappear at the clicked point while playing a teleporting animation

If anyone can help please comment or drop me a message on here.

And also, don’t try and still my idea, If you want to help, by all means I will consider partners on this project just ask.

That should be very easy, in fact. You would be dealing with pretty much a single raycast function between the Player’s position and the mouse’s position. If the raycast detects a wall, then it would move him to that position minus a bit. Otherwise, it would just move him to the mouse’s position. You should probably extend the raycast a bit so that he can properly be moved to the mouse’s position (so that clicking an inch away from a wall won’t place him 49% inside of the wall).

EDIT: And interesting idea. With Bullet on your side, there’s some interesting puzzles that could be done with this mechanic. :slight_smile: