Untitled Project

Hello everyone,

This is a very large house which I have been working on, it’s based on this:

Wow, nice! The bricks … are normal maps?

Thanks, the bricks are modeled…


You are doing a great job modelling this house.

I am too working on a house. Could you show us how you did the bricks please?


I don’t get you :S


Jaynesh: I simply duplicated squares with set-smooth and EdgeSplit set.

JESUSFRK14: I don’t know exactly why I decided to model each brick instead of making a normal map or using a script, and don’t have any supporting reasons.

woo! I like all the details you modeled around the entrance and windows

Thanks Jeepster

Small update

Um, so that you can make the building explode?

Nice modelling, btw…

Very good job. The level of detail astounds me. With the brick thing, are they all seperate objects, or just 1 big one? Cause if you split it into seperate ones, and then put a dynamic ball up above it and pressed “p”…

Freen : Good idea and thanks for the compliment… I tend to get an average 25 FPS on my computer without GLSL.



After I finish the base I will add extra details and start on the roof.

Starting on the roof:

I am going to go back and detail after this is complete, starting on the interior after that.

Small update… Lots of problems…

Will start rendering with Lux.

Time to expand outward

Really awesome level of detail :smiley:
imo the last render is oversaturated but thats just my opinion XD
keep it up :wink: