This is a game that Im creating for the summer blender competition, I ll release the story line and the content little by little.

Game name : ???


Lonefall, paradise threatened.
By Evermund journal.

The silent lonefall is a town situated between the mountains and the Gulf of Omahamu Bulktlan. Its residents are accustomed to leading a peaceful life due to the geographical conditions of the city.

In numbers:

Violent crime rate: 0.5% per year.

Burglary rate: 0.5% per year.

death rate in traffic: 0% per year.

Infant mortality rate: 0,1% per annum.

Birth rate: 1% per year.

Current Population: 2,549 people.

In this paradise that are the most prestigious industries bells in the world, nearly 90% of local companies working with this type of product.
In the city the climate is extremely dry due to the great desert that surrounds the beautiful Lonefall, but the cooling sensation as soon as you enter town is imminent.The mayor, Richardyo Molkenthuck enthusiastically tells us that togheter with some local inventors they succeedded in developing the best system of atmospheric and climate control on the whole world, resulting in a pleasant and enjoyable freshness as in the seaside towns, and he tell us more.

' - It rains about one time per year in this region thanks to the atmospheric control,  otherwise the Event Form has average rainfall amounting to 0.2% a year. Our irrigation system help a lot the livelihood of the people because it can pump water from the Jacksonfive river witch is 20km away. About the bell factoryes, they are the foundation of our economy.the unemployment rate in the city is 0% thanks to them, this is the best place to work in the world!

Reader you may be wondering, but why a factory bells? The region of lonefall have the highest concentration of copper and iron per square meter of the world, it was discovered that about 20% of all such material is located in that region.

But today paradise is threatened by a strange events occur. Renowned scientists from around the world were invited to study this phenomenon, however, failed to explain anything, not even had a basis to theorize about it. Apparently the result of earthquakes in the region is increasing exponentially, about 3 tremors per day, which is an exaggerated value for such a small portion of our globe. According to information from local scientists, “the tremors began appearing about 1 year and each passing day increases the occurrences of value.”

Fortunately, the tremor has a low value compared with the richter scale, so that the perception of the phenomenon was never more than a mild scare.
We interviewed several local residents to find out what they thought about the event and found something very interesting on their part, especially a report that was made by Mr. Limanuel Reckerd of 70 years is being portrayed here with total precision.

"- I saw it, was huge, I was leaning on the edge of town watching the sunset while smoking my cigarette when the earth shook, the creature was about 40 meters tall, I screamed to call someone’s attention, but nobody heard me. I tell you boy, this is something of Homcluanos that in the 40s used to do on this very desert nuclear testing, now the curse that they played in the land is back to haunt us! "

Most impressive of this story is that many city residents have reported similar facts to which Mr Limanuel portrayed. Is there something unusual happening in the city, did the nuclear tests had created a way of life unique in the world or is this simply the upheaval caused by an unexplained phenomenon?

                                                                                          Reckman foilhand.

Main character: Barnabé

Type : Half cartoon Action

Rate: Rated T( I rate T but i dont know)

Update 1 : creature and Main character:

This is barnabé, its his first version, probably I ll make some changes on it.
He have this idiotic expression for nature, I made him that way, its kind of different from the big majority of the heroes, but, be carefull with his hipnotic eye.

barnabé Wallpaper

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-25

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-25

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-25

this is the criature, its called detilidio, its the first version, probably i ll make some changes on it.

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-13

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-13

By leonnn1 at 2010-06-13

The game ll be a half cartoon action because the scenario will be a little different from the usual, wait to see.

How can anyone not click on a link called untiitled. The curiosity is unbearable. :stuck_out_tongue:

Its untitled for now, ahahah, Im creating the storyline, I ll give it a name.

Looks good. Is that a mirror attached on his shoulder?

yes, its for see the enemies behind!

History updated! Please see the first post

Another Great work man! The characters are amazing, really strange too! I like the mirror that guy have, he can see what comes from behind! Clever! I am wondering how he will use that spoon!

Keep the good work!

Great model design! However, I think making the mirror work on blender may be difficult…
Good stuff, keep it up!

yes, maybe its a little hard I was thinking in when I press a button the camera focus on the mirror or something like that. But thanks, i m working on the development of the car now i hope you guys like the idea when I finish it.
And irllen thanks, about the mirror, i was your idea aniway!
I’ll try to make a good game for this competition and your replyes make this rappen little by little.

Mirror? No problem!


Just use that tutorial and put the camera that is rendering the mirrors image right where the mirror is facing the exact direction of the mirror.

Thanks i know how to use the mirrors, the problem is to make the mirror work fine.
Thanks again for try to help!

You could have the mirror on him just for looks then have a circular screen kind of a thing showing what it sees as part of the HUD in the upper right corner of the screen.

heheh, this is a nice idea! like on the race games, this ll be fun.
Thanks again!

New objects, the barnabé s car and barnabé s boss, mr toshiro, ITs just the basics of him, I ll add the textures soon!

By leonnn1 at 2010-07-15

By leonnn1 at 2010-07-15

More updates soon

The car looks great! The bosses face needs a little work on the normal map (around the edges of the mouth) but other than that he looks good too! I love the art style your going with. Super creative and unique :slight_smile:

thanks darwish, Im trying to make a different visual stile for it, I m happy that you understand it, I need to "photoshop’ the normal maps, The high poly version had about 7.000.000 polygons and Some artifacts appear, I ll update him done since i finish it.

That car is awesome! The Mr Toshiro character is also of very high quality. Your models do certainly have a distinct ‘cartoonish’ style. But 7,000,000 polygons to create a normal-map; - holy cow! You certainly don’t skimp on the details.
Keep it up!

your game looks awesome! :slight_smile: will the game be in third person view or first person view?

it ll be a third person game, the idea is to make a game like shadow of the colossus where you have to fight against a big creature, but, different of shadow of the colossus, the focus here is the humor and the weird look of the creatures and players.
I love shadow of the colossus, it s one of the best games ever, in my version we ll have about 2 colossus, one of them is that friendly uggly creature that I posted above it s a detilidio, the other one still on development, but it ll be very big!
I ll update later, thanks for you comment benua