Unused data


The other day I was having trouble with textures and there persistence. I’ve just been making some cavity maps, i’ve now unlinked the textures and they have an O next to there name, so i’ve reloaded the file, but there still there, so I quit then restarted and loaded, but there still there. How do you get rid?

Also, from reading a thread here about deleted mesh objects don’t really get deleted until a reload.

I’m wondering if there is a script / tool which can help manage unused data.

If not, what would some useful functions be?

Maybe: start Blender and use File -> Append (link to your old .blend) …?

Yeah that’s what I do at times to get a fresh clean file.

But for example, earlier this week I had three meshes I was sculpting, two had 2M faces each and the third 3M faces. Once finished I started making 2 levels of cavity maps and to do that I had to copy the meshes and apply the multi-resolution modifier. I did it one by one, deleting as I went. No wonder it took over 2 hours to do… (I redid two levels on one the next day in less than 10 mins).

So… I was thinking of writing an addon special delete button. (In Nautilus file-manager there is a feature which allows you to bypass the Trash, so something like that.)

Secondly I was thinking of writing an image manager and remover popup.

Oops (just woke), I see what your saying PKHG!