Unused vertices: how to find and delete them? (Not vertex groups)

When I export to ZBrush it tells me I have 160 unused vertices. How do I find and delete these?

I realize I could export it out back to Blender and then they will be gone but for the sake of me knowing how to do this in Blender, can someone tell me?

I looked it up online and I do see a “delete unused” option in 2.64 mesh tools but I don’t know where to find that.

I don’t know about delete unused, but this is what I always do: Select the linked geometry by hovering mouse over model in edit mode and hit “L”. Ctrl-I to invert the selection (only the unlinked verts will be selected). Delete. Done!

Also try in Edit Mode on the Select menu Loose Geometry for Vertices
and Non Manifold for stray edges then just delete.

Hope this helps?



Whoops forgot to also say try Remove Doubles this will pick up
connected duplicate vertices.



Awwwww gee guys. You’re awesome saucers! Big thanks…both of them work! Apparrently, I had 4 vertices that had been duplicated over and over and over and over until there were 160+.