Unwanted faces

I have an issue with one of my very first model attempts ever. While using the extrude tool (and sometimes deleting faces / vertices) alot, somehow additional faces have been created, take a look at this screenshot:


I’ve marked the faces in question. Now, i don’t know how i have created those faces (i guess it happened when i deleting some faces or vertices and extruded again) and i think i can delete them without problems, but how can i prevent this to happen again anyway?

Any advise for a beginner would be much appreciated.

It looks like you may have extruded, but hit escape before you moved the newly created section. Then extruded again. It’s quite easy to do and I’ve done the same myself! Be sure when you extrude that you put it somewhere!

Oh by the way - What you did here can be very useful - If you’re going to use subsurfacing, but you want to keep a sharp corner here, this is one of two ways to manage it - and probably the most controllable. (For the other way - look here)

Don’t know how you created those extra faces but I think that has happened to me to before. My guess is an extrude without moving the vertices but then again, you should have had more extra faces on the sides then. So in that respect I can’t help you.

I just wanted to mention that just deleting the faces might cause some headache if you have an extra set of vertices there. The problem woud specificly be if you tried subsurfing afterwords.

A better way is to select the whole mesh and remove double vertices (W, 6 if my memory serves me right).

Hehe, that’s kind of funny. Me and Ammusionist answering pretty much at the same time with pretty much the same answer. I just guess that to Ammusionist the glass is half full!

Thanks for your answers. Especially the “remove double vertices” function came in handy, although i already cleared the faces in question - additional 54 vertices could be removed this way. I guess i really have to be a bit careful. :wink:


I know now how those additional faces came into existence. When i use the extrude tool and set it to “region” then it’ll automatically create these faces. Then, when i right-click to cancel extruding, the faces stay. Is this a bug or does it serve a higher purpose instead of just being annoying?

Extruding basically copies and links vertices. It’s intended to leave the vertices in the same spot when you right click/press escape. Like Ammunisionist said, this is useful when subsurfin if you want to keep sharp corners.