unwanted movement


I made a little funny character for my game, but when I hit P it moves along the x-axis(I don’t want that). I can’t figure out what causes this problem…, probebly it would be a simple fix…

Plz help…


(if you need any additional info, plz let me know…)


You should mention what version you are using. I don’t know 2.57 but if your character is dynamic (this is just a guess) try fooling with the settings like mass and damp, that might help


My vesion is 2.55(beacause I’ve got a script that blurs objects that are far away, the script is designed for 2.55)

try fooling with the settings like mass and damp, that might help

This doesn’t effect the movement

But when you put in other objects (lets say a cube), and make them dynamic too, they just fall to the ground and stop…(and don’t move sideways…)

ok you have a really weird way of modelling the face. each part of the face is a seperate object modelled to the parent right? every time you parent something you MUST set the physics type to “no collide” instead of static.
That or join the meshes, but I assume you want to animate them or something
but yeah, set all the face parts to “no collide”
welcome (:

Thx a lot!!!

I never tought of that…

Thx a lot…

no problem! :smiley:
looking foreward to seeing this through, i just love your character, very original!