unwanted pose rotation. (using 2.5)

Ok, this is probably a stupid question, seeing as noone else seems to be having this issue, but nonetheless, here is my issue.

I’m weight painting a tabard (a sort of medieval shirt with no sides) I didnt get very far into it at all before weight paint started screwing with me. FYI, the FIRST thing I did in weight paint was set all vertices on all bones to zero, so it isn’t group conflict. Anyway, when I try to rotate the shoulder bone on the y axis, (using r,y to avoid errors) the damned thing rotates on the x axis anyway. WTF, blender? So my question is : How do I keep the bone from rotating in ways that I’m not telling it to?


Okay, so I played around with it some more, and I guess I can deal with the rotation thing, but there’s another issue on top of that. Whenever I move a bone, the mesh moves twice as much. For example, in the pic, I bent the arm at the elbow with a 45 degree angle, but the mesh moves the arm group 90 degrees. I tested this theory quite a few times and it always ends up being true. So why in the hell would it do that? Please help!


Ok, so I figured out the second part. As usual, the symptom gives clues as to the source of the problem. I somehow had the armature modifier listed twice. Upon deleting one, it works. Stupid me. I hope this helps someone. I still have the rotation issue though, so any thoughts on that would be great.