Unwanted vertices

Well im only getting used to blender and iv been trying lately to cut down in my polys as i wont be really using my models for animation as when i first started using blender it was for an animation and tbh i didn’t really care how power intensive the models were as long as they looked good.

So the method to modelling now in this intense for a building, to get the windows and doors i have decided to select the face and subdivide it instead of loop cuts around the whole mesh and then the unwanted faces are just merged back together which works Perfect! untill… i switch back to vertex mode and i have all these unnecessary vertices as seen in the picture below.

I could go around and take out each one then link the main ones back to each other and fill in the faces, which im guessing something will go wrong.

So my question is, is there anyway to delete the unwanted ones but keep everything connected at the same time without loosing the faces?

X / Dissolve Vertices

Thank you very much!, although dissolve vertices didnt work it just gave me the error “could not dissolve vertices” BUT i used “limited dissolve” instead and worked like a charm, thank you so much just made modeling so much easier for me now that i know this!. :wink:

Actually just noticed limited dissolve doesn’t work so well lol,

Got it to work eventually tweaking is key success

You should probably just go look up a couple topology videos. I think it’d help both your model quality and your workflow quite a bit.