Unwrap Me - a UV unwrapping plugin for Blender

Unwrap Me is a Blender plugin for a different kind of UV unwrapping workflow, instead of creating seams you “grow” UV islands directly on the mesh. It’s loosely based on a paper called D-Charts.

You can watch this demo for the basic workflow:

Known issues:

  • You will have to fix overlapping charts yourself currently
  • Processing can take a few minutes depending on the number of faces, it’s currently all Python which can be slow. Optimisations are planned, in the future it should be almost instant just like Blender’s Smart UV Project.
  • It won’t unwrap for you, it only creates the seams
  • You can only straighten one seam at a time currently, try not to select multiple seams until it’s fixed
  • No symmetry detection, it helps to “split” symmetrical meshes with a seam before working on these
  • If your mesh is made up of separated parts they’ll need to be processed individually

Dream of the future:

  • I envision the final plugin as giving you full control over growing seam islands straight on the mesh, moving them around, regrowing the ones you don’t like, increasing / decreasing their size and shape etc…



Vow!!! Nice bro. Uniformly distributed UV is the biggest trouble. You did a nice step foreword here.

what the :exploding_head: :exploding_head: :exploding_head:

Seems interesting will see where this fits in my pipeline.

Are you intent on selling the addon or do you think about letting other people possibly contribute and apply for pull requests?

I think it’s too early to set anything in stone, we’ll see. I will say that implementing new features like this takes a lot of time and is difficult without support.

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Any direction you decide to take it, still really cool work.

Thanks, any feedback is good, also even if you don’t find it useful please say so. Or what you wish it could do. Right now performance speed is my main concern.

great addon but how did you find the paper?

You can find a lot of interesting ideas by following references.

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ok thanks for the reply