Unwrap Question?

I am trying to unwrap a wheel hub but I can’t seem to get it right. I’ve attached my Blend file. Could someone suggest where I am going wrong.

Hub.blend (451.1 KB)

Screenshots please

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First problem is that you have non-manifold geometry. Edge select mode, select none, select non-manifold from select menu. Most errors are about interior faces, but there’s also overlapping geometry

Second problem is that the faces marked with red in the shot are n-gons, which get distorted in unwrap. UV layout for that is the left one. Changing them to quads produces unwrap like the right one on the UV area. Both are with the seams you had already set.

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Thanks JA12. I am new to Blender. I corrected the n-gons but I get this when I run non-manifold. Is there an easy way correct this?

X and Delete Faces (not edges). Then you just need to delete the 6 faces the have overlapping geometry. Then add in new faces. You’ll still have ngons but they won;t be a massive issue for unwrapping.

EDIT: Scratch that. There’s more. If you select the outer loop of faces and hit H you will find you have more faces inside. Delete those. Under those you will find yet another load of faces. Delete those. Then fix the overlapping stuff.

Thanks John. That was one of the first objects I created several years ago. It’s amazing how many mistakes I made. Every time I use Blender I learn something new like using non-manifold.

It’s easier to show you rather than try and describe it. Apologies for this being in 2.8 but you’ll see where the things are.

Thanks, the video was great! I fixed it but the way you did it was so much easier. The help from everyone on this site is the best you can find.

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The good old H key is wonderful for troubleshooting things like this.

So true. Great tip!!