I personally would like to see a mesh unwrapping feature added into blender to allow painting on textures easier

I’d like to a see a “Make Final Fantasy style film” button too. Why don’t you program that for me?

I believe there IS a mesh unwrap python script around somewhere, do a search in the python forums and see if you come up with anything.

Found it, it’s strubi’s unwrap script. I’m not sure how to use it, but here’s the link:


I think this would be a good feature to include in blender proper though.

here’s where to find another unwrap script -Capsule Unwrap. It is a newer script I believe.
While you are there check out some of the other cool stuff at this site like the l system script and the texture plug-ins.

And I too think an unwrap feature would be useful too.


a good way to unwrap is to make a relative vertex key in which the sides are flattened (to sphere is good for this) and use that mesh to uv, then morph back to the original shape… many mirai users do this. I will post a tute or explain more later, but now I must run.

Hey – that’s a pretty cool idea! Tute would be great!

Another option: There is a really good import/export script called
OBJIO.py (I didn’t write it, and I don’t know where the official site
is to get it, but I have a version I modified slightly to work with the output from
wings: http://www.ualberta.ca/~cwant/blender/temp/OBJIO_wings_fix.py).

Now, with this script to get your models out of blender as OBJ, and you can
use programs like wings with the autouv plugin, or this one:

Then use the same script to get your models back into blender
(the script preserves UV’s).


The best solution I have found so far is to export the object to .obj format, then unwrap it using lithunwrap

Lithunwrap can be downloaded here,

Lithunwrap is free!

Obj IO script here:




LithUnwrap is pretty good stuff. However, I’d say that AutoUV in Wings does a slightly better job. Strubi’s unwrap is better than the Capsule unwrapper in most cases.