unwrapp of very dense mesh

How I could do the unwrapp of a model with very dense geometry due to 3D scanning and scuplting?
The edgeflow not exist.
I do not care a topology clean but a only a unwrapp clean (not as smart uv).
I do not want retopo.
There is any chance?

tnx :slight_smile:


Simply select the edge/vertex where you want seam to start and ctrl right click where you want it to end and mark seam.Check out this video thats specifically focused on dense meshes :http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cbqMRk1NNkc

thanks for giving me the video, is very useful !!!

… why he uses the random select at 32’:53"?

you could texture paint it to get nice texture.

why are you afraid of doing retopo ?

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because retopo wastes time and distorts the geometry of the 3D scanning
I believe that the retopo is an artistic action rather than scientific

He uses random select and selection grow to unwrap small uv islands a few at a time instead of unwrapping the whole mesh in one go that would take a lot of cpu processing. Just another efficient way to dirty unwrap dense meshes.I suck at retopo too but that’s no reason not to practice :slight_smile:

retopo is a tool
you can make mesh as dense as you want to get best results
now it will give you quads then it is easier to work with!

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See 7:30.

One more - KCZ will make straight knife cut through all the mesh and will leave cut line selected. Press Ctrl-E mark seam.