Unwrapping a City

You pretty much read right, what I’m wanting to do is bake a texture from 3DS MAX from applying a multi/sub material on a greebled plane into Blender. I got the texture baked but it didn’t work the way I expected it to. I have the UV turned on in order it to work still nothing. How can I make my object appear in Blender the same way it does in 3DS MAX or how would I unwrap a city and still have the baked texture for it?

You could just render it in top view from max. Then take that rendered image and project it from the top onto the object in Blender.

Because you are showing Blender 2.49, I feel I should mention that there is a greeble equivalent in Blender. It is called “discombobulator”.

You may not even need 3DS Max.

But how would I go about texturing the other sides with a rendered top view, like doing it with the no straight line smearing effect?

If you UV unwrapped in max, exporting as an obj will keep the uvs, just save the texture out. Import into blender and apply the texture to uv coordinates. If you have problems doing that then please attach your blend and texture (or some hosting site).

Well how would you unwrap each block, where to mark seams and take the multi/subbed material and turn it into a texture?

how did you make the unwrap of the city in 3dsmax?

We are all asking you this: Isn’t the city already unwrapped? Didn’t you unwrap it in 3ds? If so, just apply the texture. Nobody can help until you clarify that point.

Well I have it in order from bottom to top by Plane, Greeble, Greeble, Edit Poly, Material by Element, and UVW Mapping, and Unwrap UVW. But I haven’t gone into editing it and then I rendered to textured acomplete baked map and it looks like this

None of the uvs are in the same position. That’s about as much as I know of now about UVW Unwrapping in 3DS MAX so far so please don’t be to hard on me. I know a lot about blender but not so much about 3DS MAX.

http://www.mediafire.com/?t60x1qx1v1ro5c8 There’s the .max file which will have pretty much everything I started up with, I’m not sure if the textures will show up or not but another method I was thinking is can you import a multi/subbed material object from max into blender with possibly the textures still on the object?