Unwrapping my door makes random parts of it offset and unsymmetrical

if you magnify the image and compare it to the 3d view you will see it’s very offset and wonky, the actual model is 100 percent symmetrical and even, but when I unwrap it it gets like how you see in the image. I’ve tried resetting everything that CTRL+A does. When I unwrap it using smart project it is symmetrical and even but in separate parts. it doesn’t keep the door and all its parts in one neat little rectangle, and that’s why I wanna use regular unwrap. But why is unwrap doing this?

I see some ngons on your models, ngons are faces made of more than 4 vertices.
I always got some very odd results if i tried to unwrap a model featuring ngons. So using the knife, you should cut the ngons until you have only quads or tris instead of ngons, then assuming you have placed seams correctly it should unwrap in a better way.

The winner goes to you, sir! After cutting up the faces with more than 4 verts like you said, I’m getting a nice unwrap! Thank you for your time and help!

You’re the winner! Thanks for your time and help!

You’re the winner! It worked, I cut up my faces! Thank you very much!

Had to recreate something similar (you probably could sneak in link to your door file).
Ngons can cooperate. In some cases at least mostly, when they are flat.
Do one side at first. Orient your door face on Ortho view, select all planes directly facing you and U unwrap - Project from view. In UV editor select all and P - pin vertices.
Now, the rest of the faces are narrow stripes and to better place them in unwrap you would need some seams on their corners. See bottom image, red marked short edges.
Select now these faces and Unwarp. Can use U - Unwarp (Conformal on Toolshelf or F6) or Smart; you need to sort and place them after in UV editor anyways. L or box select faces, rotate and sort them out. Since the rest is pinned it wont move and cause any unwrap problems.