Unwrapping problem: wall with windows and balcony.


I have created a wall with windows, a door opening and a balcony sticking out. I want to clad the whole thing in a tile texture, to make it look like a standard tiled wall. However I haven’t been able to unwrap the thing properly: whatever I try, I get irregular shapes, wrong ratios, whatnot: it just won’t unwrap properly to apply the image texture.

I’m quite new to Blender so probably missing something. I went through the complete wire frame fixing many issues there (double edges, vertexes that should be connected but weren’t, etc), made sure all the surfaces are correct, so for that part there is no problem. Yet it still won’t unwrap. The closest that I got was to unwrap view by view (left, right, front, etc) and then “project from view” but then have issues getting it regular, not to mention being unable to easily replace the texture later if I wanted to.

Any ideas on how to handle a shape like this?


flatunit.blend (545 KB)

A couple of general comments

Apply any scale that your object may have to get each axis back to a scale of 1 (Ctrl+A in obejct mode)

Prepare your mesh for unwrapping. Your object has lots of edges that are inside the mesh. Delete them all.

A messy crappy mesh ==> A messy crappy unwrap

When unwrapping hard surface objects try using the conformal unwrap method rather than the default Angle Based unwrap method. You don’t need to unwrap the whole object as a single mesh. You can always connect them in the UV editor

Prepare your mesh for unwrapping. Your object has lots of edges that are inside the mesh. Delete them all.

Thanks Richard. This is something I’ve been neglecting. And, could very well explain some problems.

That part doesn’t come as a surprise; and as said I’ve been cleaning up a lot already of the mesh as there were many issues. Just didn’t know that those internal links are an issue for unwrapping; I was just looking at faces.

I’ll try this out as well.

Thanks for the replies, it’s very helpful (including your reply to my related thread).


Well, it all worked like a charm. In minutes solved what I spent many hours on not getting done.

Now can anyone let me know how to change the subject of this thread to add [SOLVED]? I suppose this is possible but I can’t find it.