UOZA ProductionPies 2.3 for Blender

A set of QoL accessibility, selection and visibility tools for a production oriented modeling workflow. It’s like a sanity check for basic Blender operations. I made new operators from scratch, tuned existent operators and rearranged them with other ones on easy to access gesture based Pie Menus. In total 6 Pies, 11 new operators and some more fine tuned operators that will be the basis for 75% of the workload, specially useful when working in fullscreen with minimal GUI.

Blends fine with addons such as HOps, BoxCutter, Decalmachine, MACHIN3Tools, or Speedflow.
On top of that if you are Pie Menu based it will replace or fill some gaps among other Pie addons. In my personal workflow:

Uoza Production Pies (Shading, Selection, Component/Transform, Align, Lock/Vis, Collection Lock/Vis)
Wazou Pie Menus (Snapping, Pivot, Apply, Change Views)
Official Pie Menu addon (Animation, Delete)
MACHIN3Tools (Save, Collection Create, Align Edit Mode)

The default keymapping is shown on the addon keymap settings:

Uoza keymaps

I also set up Pie Menus so there’s no need to click the mouse to select Pie buttons.

Gesture Pie Menus

Unhide Last (Alt+H)

The only operator (aside Wheel Roll Subdivision) that it’s not Pie Menu bound is Unhide Last, invoked with Alt+H. It comes with other helper operators: Unhide All (Ctrl+Alt+H), Unhide Other (Shift+H) and Hide (H).

Wheel Roll Subdivision (Ctrl+MouseWheel)

Last minute operator before v2.1 release. It allows to quickly shuffle through subdivision levels using the mouse wheel. It has a soft limit (Simplify) and a hard limit (in code) to avoid subdividing too much. I also wanted to replicate Maya’s smooth preview with Optimized Edge Lines that are editable. Works in multiobject mode as well.

Hierarchy Select

Navigate through the hierarchy with the arrow keys. With Shift and the Mouse Wheel you can add-select the upper hierarchy, meaning, you can easily select all sibling objects with a simple Shift+WheelUp for a flat hierarchy.

Uoza - Component Pie (RMB)

The addon originally started as an attempt to imitate Maya’s Component Marking Menu. In the end not only I managed to replicate the behavior but improve on it. With the modifier keys (Ctrl or Shift) it’s possible to “bypass” or “add” respectively objects under the mouse cursor.
Later on I found that most operations after a selection are transform ones, so why not do it directly? In the diagonals I placed transform operators (Grab, Scale, Rotate) so you can directly transform objects or components for the objects under the mouse. This extremely simplifies the process. Imagine just going from Edit Mode of one mesh to Grab in Object Mode on another mesh. In hotkeys: Tab -> LMB -> G. In Component Pie: RMB flick Top-Left.
This is not a substitute for keyboard hotkeys, but an additional tool in the box so you don’t have to reposition the left hand for different hotkey combos.
It deals correctly with object visibility/lock states and Wire meshes which are ignored (ie. Cutters).

Uoza - Collections Pie (Shift+X)

MACHIN3Tools has a Collection Pie, but it’s too verbose and clicky. What this means is that you have to hold the Pie Menu invoke keys and click on small sub Pie Context Menus items. On my goal to relieve some workload from the left hand I created a gesture based Collection Pie. It will show the first 7 root collections with their names and the button color indicates their visibility state, something that it’s easier to spot than small eye icons.
It adds some nice features like using Alt modifier in Pie modal to isolate chosen collection. By doing so you don’t have to rely on 1,2,3… keys which is like shooting in the dark, and maybe repurpose them for more useful tasks.
Using the Ctrl modifier you lock (or unlock) the collection and the collection name appends a " (L)".
Finally ExtraOps opens a sub Pie Menu with some useful buttons.
Isolate Current Collection, Show All Collections, Unlock All and Show Cutters. On “Show Cutters”, the official way for HOps to show all Cutters is by Unhide All, due to reasons I commented on the Unhide Last operator, this is not desired so this operator will only unhide Cutter objects and nothing else.
This relation with other addons is kept with the collection button order, in counterclockwise order, Collection 1 and Collection 2 are reserved for Cutters and Decals collections (when present), so you don’t have to guess where to flick the mouse.

Uoza - Smart Align Pie (Shift+Z)

View referred axis constrained align pie menu. Easily and intuitively align objects depending on the view coordinates and the axis selected, it will match the closest projected axis for alignment.

Uoza Smart Align

Uoza - Smart Selection Pie ( C )

This is the core Pie Menu, the one used most of the time, that’s why C is the perfect keymap.
It started as a refactored Pie from Wazou’s Selection and Active Tool Pie Menus but evolved greatly from there adding new tools and tuning other ones. It will also work on other object types.
This is where you choose the selection type (Select, Circle, Box), also Zoom In/Out or Isolate objects or mesh components. In Edit Mode there’s Select Loop/Ring buttons that will switch to Smart Loop/Ring in case you have installed Maxivz’s addon.
You will notice a sub Pie context menu, in Edit Mode (tuned):

  • Select Random: Modified to work interactively with a slider on screen.
  • Select Loop Border: Will select the mesh borders automatically.
  • Select Loop Inner/Outer: Toggle (hold Shift) between loop to region and region to loop.
  • Select UV Island: Select linked by Seams (untuned).
  • Select Island: Select linked (untuned).

and Object mode (tuned):

  • Select Similar: Added an interactive Select Similar operator in object mode, as a percentage of vert number, or mesh volume (V to toggle).
  • Focus In/Out: Focus In zooms to mesh objects unless selected type is not a mesh in which case it will include it in the zoom. Focus Out (Hold Shift) will ignore non mesh types, unless selected type is not a mesh in which case it will include it in the zoom out.
  • Invert Selection: By default will skip non current selected types. Hold Shift to Invert Selection without constraints.
  • Select Loose: Separate objects from Object Mode, saves the steps for going into Edit Mode and ‘Select All’, and revert the process.
  • Select Camera: A quick shortcut to select the camera so you can access its options regardless of camera visibility or selection state.
  • Select Material Nodes: A quick shortcut to select material nodes, so they pop up in Graph Editor or Dope Sheet.

Select Circle in Object Mode has also been ‘fixed’. Rather than selecting meshes, it was selecting by mesh origins, now it will work properly.

Smart Isolate will hide everything except selected object(s) and ‘LIGHT’ types. Therefore isolating an object in EEVE and avoiding the scene turning black. Also works in Edit Mode for isolating components. If you really want to hide ‘LIGHT’ types use the Overlay Hide/Lock Pie (see next section).

Uoza - Hide/Lock Pie (F)

This is basically a Pie Menu version of “Object Types Visibility” button on the top-right row of the viewport but adds a feature to also do exclusive operations. That means, not only you can hide or lock by type, but when holding the Shift modifier it hides/locks “except” type, therefore isolating type visibility or selection on a per viewport basis. It replicates Selection/Visibility Masks on other packages but with visual feedback on the pie button colors for the current enabled masks.
I personally like to start a project with ‘except Meshes’, so everything on my startup.blend except Meshes will be hidden (camera, lights, volumes…).

Uoza - Z/Toggle Shading Pie (Z)

I refactored the Z Pie Menu to be more useful from a modeling point of view. I removed a few buttons that were redundant, like Wireframe and Solid, in its place there’s now a toggle for Rendered/Solid with ‘Rendered’ disabling overlays automatically. Wireframe is also gone since XRay is more useful in that regard and replaced with a toggle for object Solid/Wireframe, very convenient when using cutters in HOps (eg. to inspect boolean issues). Material Preview overlaps with Rendered and when not you always got the Material Preview top-right button or workspace. The remaining are, Face Orientation toggle, Show NGons/Tris toggle (requires HOps) and Outline toggle (‘Wireframe on Shaded’ button + Shift). SInce v2.1 operators work in multiobject mode (Solid/Wireframe, Show NGons/Tris)

Other Operators

I integrated calls for other UOZA’s operators in external Pie Menus, you can find them on my Github (when FOSS).

In MACHIN3Tools Save Pie Menu:

  • Force Autosave: A way to manually save a state of your work on configured TEMP folder without actually saving the file. Useful if you are not doing anything serious, tests, or as a backup before trying out something unstable.

  • Open Last: Opens the last saved file. With Shift you can skip quit.blend. The difference with MACHIN3Tools’ “Most Recent” Operator is that this also searches on the TEMP folder, where Autosaves (and Force Autosaved) files are stored.

  • Quit no-prompt: New button to exit Blender without the Save Dialog (you always got quit.blend just in case).

In Wazou’s Pivot Pie Menu:

  • Copy Origin: Copy the origin of a mesh to another mesh origin.

  • Multi Origin to Bottom: Move all selected object origins to bottom, also works with rotated parents.

In Wazou’s Apply Pie Menu:

  • Apply Delta: If you got some transformations in Delta Transforms you can zero them out with this operator. Now it becomes easy to abuse it as a placeholder for proxy transforms on your object for test purposes until committed with “Apply Delta”.

For more works and tools visit my Github and Artstation and subscribe as I’ll be making more Blender stuff from here on.


Update to version 2.0

Updated addon to version 2.0, with many new features, more robust and speed.
Added and updated the GIFs, although I plan to record a video in the following weeks.
The full changelog can be found on the Gumroad description.

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UOZA ProductionPies promoted to version 2.1

Many small bugfixes, new operators and enhanced support for multiobject and “by type” operations in Smart Selection Pie. Unhide Last has also been improved to affect hide_render and account by other hide/unhide operators.

Currently the minimum official supported version is Blender v2.83 since this will be the most stable version (LTS) of the 2.8x line.

Next UOZAPP v2.2 will be feature packed and exciting. Check the v2.1 changelog below. Full changelog can be found on the Gumroad product description.

- Multi Origin to Bottom: New Operator (works with rotated parents)
- Wheel Roll Subdivision: New Operator (multiobject support) (Ctrl+Wheel)
- “Quit no-prompt” operator to include in MACHIN3Tools Save Pie
- General: Modifications for the new VOLUME type
- Smart Selection Pie: Added Smart Invert Selection (by Selected Type(s))
- Smart Selection Pie: Focus In/Out improved behavior (by Selected Type(s))
- Smart Selection Pie: New Loop Inner/Outer button
- Smart Selection Pie: Select by Island (Linked) and UV Island (Seams)
- Smart Selection Pie: Smart Isolate syntax bugfix
- Smart Selection Pie: Select Camera fix for v2.83
- Unhide Last: Extend to hide_render
- Unhide Last: Integrated Hide Unselected (Shift+H)
- Unhide Last: Integrated UnHide All (Ctrl+Alt+H)
- ZToggle Pie: Solid/Wireframe multiobject support
- ZToggle Pie: Display Ngon/Tris multiobject support
- Collections Pie: Unlock All Collections operator button
- Component Pie: Disable object mode change over a locked mesh
- Removed ‘Repeat’ property from keymaps

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Changing the title of the forum post changed its URL(?!) which means the URL in the addon itself needs an update, e.g. this is uoza_operators.py:
"wiki_url": "https://blenderartists.org/t/uoza-production-pies-2-0-for-blender-2-8x"

And this is the new post URL:

Thanks for all your hard work! :smiley:

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Thanks for the note! I tested with the old address after updating the post and it worked so didn’t bother changing the URLs. Guess the internal forum cache wasn’t cleared yet.
Will fix ASAP. EDIT: Done

Road to v2.2

For v2.2 I will be regularly posting major updates until release in a few months time.

Hierarchy Select

Use arrow keys to navigate through the hierarchy or Shift+MouseWheel to add select.

EDIT: Added lateral navigation as well

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UOZA ProductionPies v2.2 Released!

I just released v2.2 of UOZA ProductionPies. It includes two major updates in the form of hierarchy select and view referred align pie and minor fixes here and there. Due to time constraints I couldn’t add more changes since what’s remaining is actually tricky stuff.


  • Smart Align Pie: View Referred Object Mode Align Pie Menu
  • Hierarchy Select: New Operator - Arrow Keys:Navigate Shift+Arrows/Wheel: (Un)select Parent Groups
  • ZToggle Pie: Synced edit mode xray appearance to object mode
  • ZToggle Pie: Shift+Right switches to Bounds shading mode
  • Smart Selection Pie: Add to Select Loop Border with Shift
  • Fixed straight to Subdivision level 2 the first time Ctrl+Wheel is invoked

Uoza Smart Align

@Dogway, Hi, I’ve bought ProductionsPies from Gumroud. Really interesting implementation and just love the Ctrl+MWheel for SubD. I have an issue with saving my custom commands. Everytime I change the shortcut for a Pie or disable the pie itself and save the preferences. The next time I launch blender It all goes back to previous, somewhat mysterious state. And to clarify, non of the custom shortcuts I assign to the ProductionPies conflicts with any other blender shortcut beforehand.

Thanks in advance! Keep up the good work!

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Thanks! Sorry didn’t notice the post.

Yes, the UOZA keymap tab is not for customizing keymaps but only as a reference. I recommend to look for the keymap on Blender’s keymaps and change it there. It’s strange but I did test at the time and that’s the only way I could change them.

Thanks! I really liked this tidy streamlined approach to list all the shortcuts in the addon. Will change them from the keymap menu.
Looking forward to the upcoming updates! : )

Update to 2.3.0. It might not seem big, but for a long time I have wanted to do this as I’m unable to remember so many finger twisting hotkeys.


  • Node Editor Pies: Two Pies for the Node Editor

UOZA Node Pies

(Mixing Pie Menu buttons with Node Wrangler hotkeys, a mixed workflow is always fastest)

Given said that, most things I wanted to do with the addon are already done. There’s still one big one that I’m having big difficulties on, a Smart Tweak Tool. What it does is act as drag select when nothing is below the cursor but as a Tweak when an object is under the cursor. This is difficult to integrate as I need to make a “Tool” (widget?) from scratch. In any case, ideas for developers.


Small update to v2.3.3, mainly extended features to the node pie buttons:


  • Node Editor Pies: ‘Use Transform’ for Search items
  • Node Editor Pies: Shift+Frame to UnFrame
  • ZToggle Pie: Shift+Solid to change to Material View instead of Rendered

Hello sir, Can you please tell me how did you make that Inner radius of pie menus big ? I can’t seem to find any settings relating to that under preferences.

What do you mean, the inner circle? I didn’t do anything special, I would have to look it up.

yes the Inner Circle. Please look it up and let me know how did you do it ?