UPBGE 0.2.5 In-Game Render Problem

i working a project on 0.2.5 version of upbge.
I’m seeing a render error in my project that never appeared before.
After a certain height or a certain distance on the map, parts of the objects are deleted. I don’t have any video but I can offer you these 2 screenshots:

(this screenshots captured from Range game engine but, this same exact problem available in UPBGE)

How can i fix that?

This is due to loss of numerical precision. You have to offset all objects to the origin by the distance traveled.

I don’t think numerical precision will make the render get cut off though. at far distances, it can cause objects to jump around a little bit.

Have you checked the Camera’s near clip and far clip setting? Also, it would be helpful if you had an example .blend showing the issue

.blend file is here sir :
jreoPhysicsTest.blend (2.6 MB)

but i want to tell something:
1-) i realized the render problem not appears on shadeless materials.

2-) the problem appeared after i changed my video card (i put r9 280). but I don’t think the problem has anything to do with this because my drivers are full and there is no problem with my video card.

It gives me a lot of errors about missing data, I’m guessing these are the models and stuff linked from separate files

Anyways, I noticed you had some cameras with really insane end clipping values, maybe try changing these to like 20,000 or something smaller and test it out. I wasn’t able to reproduce the issue with just the hitbox lol

lol :smiley: sry sir i fix the files 'cause they are linked from another file.
btw i only using this camera object :slight_smile: “Camera”
it’s about 123mb file maked local (sry for bad english i using translate)