Upbge 0.3.0 pre alpha

New tool down below :smiley:

Dual Wield BPY and BGE python in eevee in realtime.

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on into enemy behaviors / gameplay !

and dialog / in game tutorials !

build available in this video description

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Amazing. This is simply something I cannot do (at the moment).
Who knows, maybe Ton will merge this into main branch.
But for me, I’m staying loyal to the original BGE. :slight_smile:

Also, after testing out my custom GNU OS … I tried to compile GCC, then used it to compile many of my apps (including GCC). It turned out that it failed for the more complex apps. :frowning:

So that got me thinking. After looking thru the code, it would be impossible for me to translate Blender & Godot from C++ to C. I’ll just settle on using GCC binaries. Instead, I will develop my own software from scratch. It will actually be easier, faster & better (since I will invent new methodologies & algorithms).

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I wonder how this game would look like if he brings this to UPBGE 0.3.0 ?