Upbge 0.3 compatibility issues with new Blender versions

With each new Blender update, this can bring issues for Upbge compatibility.
For example a second camera for UI in Upbge 0.3 is no more possible because latest Blender release no more allow it, so there is no UI in Upbge 0.3, this means no games for Upbge 0.3 as games need UI.

Should not be re considered to try making Upbge less dependent on Blender; like integrating other open source Api for UI, Physics, animations, particles ?

I know it’s less work to rely on Blender and people are doing it for fun in their free time, they will not want to spend months redoing all work integrating Apis and fixing bugs.
But it’s really not reassuring to use Upbge 0.3 when some big features are no more working because Blender made changes.

A second camera for UI is possible, I did a quick tuto in my commit message: https://github.com/UPBGE/upbge/pull/1115