UPBGE 0.3 Logic Nodes Help (Solved)

Hello Anyone

I discovered and started using Blender around version 2.5. I worked on a few game projects. The main one was a game I called Mid Drift. I learned quite a bit in the process and got pretty familiar with the engine. I set it aside for quite a few years while watching the engine progress and grow into something I could use that met the demands of my game. I recently picked it back up when UPBGE 0.3 came out. I like the new features and UI, but I’ve had to relearn a lot more than I was expecting.

I wanted to try using the Logic Nodes instead of just Bricks this go around to see if they were any better. I followed a few tutorials step by step and can’t even get a cube to move. It won’t work even with the prebuilt 4 key movement node setup. I don’t know if I’m missing, or if it’s a problem with my copy of the engine, but a little insight would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached my blend file that isn’t working.

Logic Nodes.blend (895.5 KB)

I’m probably using a different UPBGE build so this might not have the same result for you.

In Edit / Preferences / Addons check Game Engine Logic Nodes.

To KazRuiz

I used your Logic Node setup in both UPBGE version .30 and .36 and it’s still not working. I posted a screenie below with both of our files side by side for comparison.
I still don’t see what I’m missing. :thinking:

At Segovia

I’ve already done that. That’s how I got to the Logic Nodes Editor in the first place.
Thank you though.

You have to set the float node to something other than zero. I also mapped the WASD keys in a different way.

Thank you, KazRuiz

After using the setup from what you had and setting the Float value to something other than 0 (I can’t believe I missed that. Must have got in a hurry) it worked. But only in Version 0.36. It still doesn’t work in 0.3. So I guess I’m migrating to .36. Thanks again.

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Your Logic Nodes. Blend file worked without error on my UPBGE .30 version. Reinstalling UPBGE .30 again may rectify the problem.

So my copy of .3.0 was broken then. I was beginning to think it was after a few hours of trying to get it to work. Thank you for checking it out in your version. Being so new, there’s still not a lot of tutorials for .30 and above. I’ve been a member of this community for over 10 years, and everyone here have always been very helpful. Hopefully this helps anyone else having this problem with the Logic Nodes system.