UPBGE 0.3 Logic Nodes Help (Solved)

Hello Anyone

I discovered and started using Blender around version 2.5. I worked on a few game projects. The main one was a game I called Mid Drift. I learned quite a bit in the process and got pretty familiar with the engine. I set it aside for quite a few years while watching the engine progress and grow into something I could use that met the demands of my game. I recently picked it back up when UPBGE 0.3 came out. I like the new features and UI, but I’ve had to relearn a lot more than I was expecting.

I wanted to try using the Logic Nodes instead of just Bricks this go around to see if they were any better. I followed a few tutorials step by step and can’t even get a cube to move. It won’t work even with the prebuilt 4 key movement node setup. I don’t know if I’m missing, or if it’s a problem with my copy of the engine, but a little insight would be much appreciated.

I’ve attached my blend file that isn’t working.

Logic Nodes.blend (895.5 KB)

I’m probably using a different UPBGE build so this might not have the same result for you.

In Edit / Preferences / Addons check Game Engine Logic Nodes.

To KazRuiz

I used your Logic Node setup in both UPBGE version .30 and .36 and it’s still not working. I posted a screenie below with both of our files side by side for comparison.
I still don’t see what I’m missing. :thinking:

At Segovia

I’ve already done that. That’s how I got to the Logic Nodes Editor in the first place.
Thank you though.

You have to set the float node to something other than zero. I also mapped the WASD keys in a different way.

Thank you, KazRuiz

After using the setup from what you had and setting the Float value to something other than 0 (I can’t believe I missed that. Must have got in a hurry) it worked. But only in Version 0.36. It still doesn’t work in 0.3. So I guess I’m migrating to .36. Thanks again.

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Your Logic Nodes. Blend file worked without error on my UPBGE .30 version. Reinstalling UPBGE .30 again may rectify the problem.

So my copy of .3.0 was broken then. I was beginning to think it was after a few hours of trying to get it to work. Thank you for checking it out in your version. Being so new, there’s still not a lot of tutorials for .30 and above. I’ve been a member of this community for over 10 years, and everyone here have always been very helpful. Hopefully this helps anyone else having this problem with the Logic Nodes system.

Can someone help me with the “Compile” feature in Logic Nodes. It went way over my head Release notes say that compiling the nodes makes it faster. My question is how is this implemented. After pressing compile, a python script is created and can be viewed in the Text Editor. How is this script implemented on the object it was made for In my tests, I compiled the nodes while the objected i intented for was selected but when I run the game, the logic does not work According to some sources i read, you dont need to “Apply to Selected” when you have Compiled the code but in mine, its not working Any help would be appreciated

Here in this video it says the script needs to be added as a component.

As I never used Logic nodes myself I wonder if this always has to be done manually to use logic nodes?

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Thanks for that.
Another question;
Does anyone know how to apply custom filters in Logic Nodes specifically without use of logic bricks