Upbge 0.3 logic nodes templates

This is a list of tutorials and templates, from beginner to advanced gameplay using logic nodes.

Any Upbge user can participate creating some tutorial or template, or adding new ones,
this will help a lot to get beginners at ease learning Upbge.

Post your links to your example or template made with the new logic nodes addon, so we can test , give feedback and include them on Github and Upbge release package.

GitHub templates

Recommandation :
It’s best to make good presentation for beginners :

  • the viewport with camera view
  • logic nodes view below
  • text editor view aside logic view with minimal instructions.

Bold items are completed ones.

Use Kenny free 3D assets, it’s a better presentation to demonstrate gameplay instead of cubes.

----------------- Scene templates ----------------

  • Sky atmospheric scene
  • Time of day system
  • tutorial adding and baking light probe and irradiance volumes

----------------- Templates -----------------
- TPS basic
- FPS basic
- Top down object movement
- Static turret mouse control

  • space ship game
  • vehicle control (not working i must update nodes addon, some are undefined)

----------------- Marble game -----------------
- marble game, player ball control
- adding a fixed camera follow player on X,Y axis
- add zone force push ball in the air
- add switch object opening a door
- add danger zones and ball health bar

  • add UI for player ball stats and score
  • add enemies patroling between two points and doing damage on contact
  • add collectible items , increasing score
  • add menu and level selection ( two simple quick made levels shoud be enough)

----------------- Tps games progressive examples -----------------

  • capsule object movement
  • camera with zoom in, out
  • smooth camera turning with delay
  • animated character with walk idle animations
  • UI display player stats
  • damage zones updating player UI
  • player FSM states
  • FSM player damage
  • FSM jump and sprint
  • Melee attack (distance and angle)
  • Melee Attack physic overlap weapon collision
  • Basic turret ai turn to player and shoot a physics projectile
  • Player ranged weapon with projectiles
  • AI wander, follow and facing player
  • Previous AI able to melee attack
  • Player ranged weapon using raycast

----------------- Fps progressive examples -----------------

  • fps controller
  • animated player fps model
  • fps grab and throw object
  • tps melee ai added to fps
  • ranged ai staying static using projectiles
  • ranged ai, move small distance to random direction when receiving damage

----------------- Car games progressive examples -----------------

  • arcade car physics using hidden ball physics
  • advanced car physics
  • track with checkpoints
  • Hud for car
  • race track timer
  • track checkpoints
  • ai car using chekpoints
  • ai car avoiding obstacles and other cars

----------------- flying space ship game progressive examples -----------------

  • controls and camera
  • adding UI
  • weapon projectiles
  • ai wander and fly around a sphere zone
  • ai able to avoid player and other obstacles
  • ai able to use projectile weapon

----------------- game essentials -----------------

  • menu (start , options) , loading and playing a scene
  • saving and loading logic node properties variables

----------------- effects -----------------

  • particles effects (Upbge addon)
  • Decals

----------------- advanced game topics -----------------

  • water swimming
  • climb ladder or object
  • inventory

Disclaimer :
I’m not using Upbge to sell a game but mainly to quickly prototype, those examples and templates will help beginners for learning and will allow others users to prototype even more quickly with good templates.


This sounds like it would make a perfect tutorial series :thinking: Partly because not all of this is possible using just nodes, so there would be an advanced Python section too (vehicles for example)

I honestly would stick to more basic templates at first, I can start making videos sometime this week

Here’s my Template repository:


could you add?getting in and out of one vehicle.then getting into another one then getting out.

Yes, we should stick to the basic made in logic nodes only.

About things only possble in python code, this shows logic nodes are lacking features, so perhaps make those instead of proposing to beginners to write code.
For example many fames made in Unreal are fully blueprints.

For example the write string variables to a file should be a new node “save to file” with some array of string in input.

About the fps and tps tutorial examples, they should be doable with logic nodes only.

Sorry, i don’t want to be harsh but it’s too early for requests as we are just starting to make the essential tutorials and we need to focus on those first.
Later perhaps we will be proposing a new thread about tutorial ideas people would like, why not.

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True that, I was thinking about camera snapping there… but that should actually be doable with nodes too :thinking: I just programmed that out every time until now :man_shrugging:

About the variables, the save variable node does just that though, you can plug in whatever value you like, as long as it’s json serializable, as an alternative you can save global values and have them flagged as persistant so they are carried over to the next session - That’s the parts where tutorials or docs will come in incredibly handy, actually KNOWING what the nodes do exacly :stuck_out_tongue:


The first marble game example is ready , could please you upload it to github in a new folder “marble game tutorials” (or review it first).

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The camera object seem to not work with logic nodes, it does not translate using a translate node using update event and big enough values.

I must delete the reflection probe baking cache otherwise i got 17Mo Blender files for each example.
And i must add “beglogic” to examples to make it work.

I could test your tps-template, it’s a great template, and logic nodes are easy to understand (at least for me).
The tps is good, but i suggest to keep for each the same presentation as the tps

  • the viewport with camera view
  • logic nodes view below
  • text editor view aside logic view with minimal instructions.

BTW great work :smiley:

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The folder is just where the generated logic is stored, you can simply download the blend as standalone, that folder is generated as soon as you press “Update Code” or change a value in the node tree :+1:

I’ll quick check your file and add it :slight_smile: I’ll need a link to it though :thinking:

Note: Most recent version of FPS and TPS might not work yet, because there’s a new node in there that’s not in the current UPBGE release

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New marble game game example tutorial : camera follow

I would need some advices using logic nodes :

  1. How to make collision trigger volumes ? For example detect when player objects enters the volume and add a force pushing it in the air ?
    I used a cube with physic type sensor, but the logic node “Collision” deos not detect anything.

  2. For player health bar i tried a second scene with a plane object, in logic i added to first scene as additive scene withe the logic node “Add scene” but nothing happends ?
    If the player camera moves and rotates, does the additive scene camera follows the player main scene camera ?

About bugs, using “Object Data” to change color does not work.

Yeah, the scene one is already mentioned in an issue on github, it’s because the new UPBGE only supports one scene and instead works with overlay collections, I’ll have to update the nodes to make that work as intended, for now you can execute the collection actuator from your tree

and the object color one I know about as well, I had the same thing with setting light colors, I think I know how to fix that :slight_smile:

Trigger volumes are done by setting the physics type to sensor and detecting collisions with that object (make sure your player is marked as actor, though)

I’ll wait for the addons update for scenes overlay and HUD.

Does updating addons directly works with all previous work that have been made or must we delete some files cache kind stuff ?

For GitHub, perhaps it’s best to put all your templates in some “templates folder” and add a new folder “Marbe game tutorials”; or do you prefer all example tutorials staye separate ?

For the tutorials I’ll use youtube and the release section of the template repository for the finished projects

Whenever I update the addon, you’d have to reinstall it, which ain’t that easy since UPBGE comes with it packed already:
Go to your UPBGE Release, go to scripts->addons and delete bge_netlogic, then follow the git install instructions to install the latest version; You can also download the repository As-Is and rename the downloaded zip to bge_netlogic, then install it, should about do the same :man_shrugging:

Then sometimes it can occur that a node has an additional socket or one less or something like that, it’s not quite finished, after all, but I’ll keep the templates up and running when changing something :+1:

Normally the Addons Git from upbge gets updated by lordloki every few days when something changes

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All right.

But about the marble tutorial series, must i stop continue making them if you won’t upload them to GitHub ? Perhaps it’s better you making Youtube tutorials instead ?

Thanks, but i’ll wait for the next Upbge release instead.

About logic nodes, i see animations for armature, but i don’t see a node to play simple objects animations actions that does not use armature ?
Could this be added ?

Also i created a door using armature, with logic nodes i play open and close, but the player physic ball is unable to go through when it’s open most of the time.
Do we need to update some door physic volume or something else when the animation plays ?

This is the volume trigger zone example in case you want to test it.

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Actually the “Armature Object” can be a regular object as well, it simply looks for actions in that objects dataset

Well, if you want to make a tutoria series, that’s up to you, ultimately
What I’m doing now is collecting templates for the repository linked to the addon-repo

When doing the tutorial series, I would make tutorials for UPBGE in general, which happens to be able to use nodes; That is because in another thread I read many are missing an introductory experience or even advanced functionality tutorials, which I would like to look into

As for the door problem, that might have something to do with the physicsMesh, I couldn’t take a look now, but as you used armatures, you might have to do reinstancePhysichsMesh for the object (not a node right now)

I thaught about you would make a new GitHub directory where you would upload good logic nodes examples from other people (like the marble tutorial i’m making), but nevermind.
Download links i’ve posted will not be available after some time.

Perhaps you will cover the most tutorials items on this thread ?

For Upbge distribution package and learning, i think the best would be to include templates and tutorials, for anyone not using Youtube to get all material to learn.

The “play animation” logic node does not work when the object does not have an armature.
The only logic node entry is “armature” there is no “Object” entry.

Oh I could do that, I didn’t get that right, I’ll add a folder where I can collect those in the repo

Yeah, as I said, the list would make for a good series of tutorials, I’d work that through :slight_smile:

I know, the naming is weird, I’ll fix that, but you can select a regular object for that slot, it should work just fine

Perhaps “Object - armature” label ?

For whole physic objects animations actions the “Play animation” node works without needing armature.
Just keep the object as a static, and save keyframes actions with LocRotScale.

Exactly, more good examples can get Upbge on Github (why not also included on the release package) about logic nodes, the better for new beginners.

The door switch example for marble game tutorials

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Allright, then I’ll just add your files unchanged, okay? :slight_smile:

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Great, this way Upbge will propose even more tutorial examples for Upbge users :grinning:

I hope other people using Upbge will also propose more tutorials.

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Simplified version for tutorial : 5 - ball health bar