[UpBGE and BGE] Does the Property Sensor work correctly?

Hi. I can’t believe that nobody noticed that, so im not sure. The Property Sensor gives wrong Results in many Cases. Equal, Greater/Less, Interval etc., Can somebody confirm?


If you provide a blend file in such a state it would increase your chances at getting feedback.

I’ve never experienced anything the like of it; might as well be a logic error.

Because I do not want to limit the problem to just one situation. How hard is it to put together a few properties and sensors? It’s a simple question, easy to check. Is it really necessary to make a blend for every tiny crap?

Well, i opened a Bug Report, and added one.

I looked at 0.2.3. It seems it has that Problems too. Also BGE 2.79. I wonder nobody noticed.

I’ve answered your issue on UPBGE’s repository, I will post it here too:

If I’m not wrong, it was never possible to use a property name in the Property sensor’s Value field, only literal values (like 3.0, as in the given example file), it’s not a bug, it’s simply a non-existing feature. If you need to compare two properties, try using the Expression controller.

Thank You for the Answer. But sorry, but You are wrong. I know 100% that was possible in the Past. Because i used this Feature in many Cases. Even Values like Propertyname+Value were possible. Here’s a Shot from an old Project as Proof. That must be Blender 2.44 or so. The Function does exist, but i can’t say whan it stoped working.


And again sorry, but your second Workaround is a bad Compromice. That makes the Expression always running. I try to avoid this. Otherwhise i can use also a Python Script always running.

But, ok. If it’s not a Bug, than my Post is a Feature request. This would make the Sensor much more flexible to use. (again)

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Good to know, learning BGE features through bugs Haha

Then I will download older Blender versions and try to discover when this bug was intruduced.

always running? just what do you think the and controller is doing? or how the property sensors come to a conclusion?

every frame. thats right. you arent saving anything.

there are much bigger detriments to performance then a little code. raycasting on high poly and lights are among the top.

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That would be cool. Thank You.

Edit …
I got this Logic working in 2.37a:
I think this is a really cool Feature. :sunglasses::+1:

Edit 2 …
I noticed, the Sensor also expected Strings for attributes like value, min and max in Python. I think this only make Sense if there where Expressions possible.