UPBGE environment creation

Whenever I try making a game, I get the gameplay working easily.
But when it comes to designing the environment or levels, it turns out looking like something from the PS2 era. I know UPBGE can look like AAA games but I can’t fully utilize the AAA tools
Are there any tutorials that can help?

the key ingredient is art skills. unfortunately, its not something like math you can learn, you have it or you dont.

but from a technical stand point, normal map baking and lightmaps are all tools games used in the era of bge. but unless you are using upbge 0.3.0 with eevee, itll be a far cry from whats out there today, regardless of raw talent.

0.2.5 and below have similars to blender render of old, theres many tutorials about lighting internal renders. but be warned, bge has a very strict light limit, after about 10 lamps, you suffer performance loss. this includes hidden lights and lights on inactive layers.

i highly recommend going stylistic.

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Is this new again?, light issues where fixed like 3 or 4 years ago. you can easily put 100 lamps in your scene. Only with very old cards you can run into troule at 8+ lamps (all lamps will turn off).

maybe on a light scene, but after adding large scenery and a good bit of assets, it becomes a lot more significant.

even my ryzen 3800x and rtx 2070 super drops below 60fps after more than 10 or so lights in my open world sets. (even some smaller ones)

Aah ok.

Never used more then 8 lamps and no big projects for me, so i had no idea.

I thing the first is starting to understand how to illuminate the level, from the basis… and also understanding about how exposure and environment lighening works in the UPBGE/BGE

Here is a very basic tutorial, eigth years old, but still usable I guess…

Then later learn how to make better textures to make more interesting props, this is (again) a eigth years old tutorial about texturing (from start to finish 56 minutes), so you might want to watch in case you are new to texturing.

Maybe some eye candy, like in this case emissive maps

Make some turn table of your game props with a good three point light setup and see how you material and textures react to the environment

And so on… and maybe at some point you will need to learn how to improve performance in you game, and this is here when you learn about the game loop (logic bricks) and python, learn about how to use lights properly, collision mask, object culling, physics culling, logic culling and so on.

Like many people here told you, art skills take a bit more time to develop, but the key to master it is to practice, so I suggest you to start by making small props for games and get the skills, post on any art forum to recieve some constructive criticism, start over if necessary and polish your work.

Start with some small props like this example, with wood and metal.

And make your own, this is the one I did years ago.

Anyway… i’m not the best artist over here but I can say that the key is to practice but I’m sure you are going to enjoy the process, so good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help. I’ll definitely practice. Who knows, I might one day get to Krum game level.

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