UPBGE (FINALLY) in Blender 2.80 - Wishlist ! (The future of blender's Game Engine)

very much possible. In BGE a lot of things are not implemented - shaders, optimization principles …

Geez Guy’s i had even forgot i had posted a thread like this up on BA :sweat_smile:


So to readdress the “Elephant in the room”

Is UPBGE going to be able to go Blender 2.8? Come on Let’s have the truth.

I loved BGE Sheds a tear, but it’s gone in Blender 2.8
I love UPBGEsheds yet another tear, but it seems UPBGE is not able to compete in the fight any more. Mainly because the BGE and UPBGE are not in Blender 2.8.

Wait, is there hope for UPBGE?
Will BGE and UPBGE tag team against the dreaded 2.8 team? Are they out numbered? Is this the end for them?
No wait…
It’s Armory! who jumps in the ring. Who’s side is he on?

Armory stands beside both BGE and UPBGE.
The crowd goes wild!!!

Unreal, Unity, and all those other game engines glare are the 3 would be heroes.
They charge for their engines, but our 3 amigos stay strong with their open source and free licenses.

All kidding aside. BGE was great, UPBGE is awesome, and Armory is also awesome. I believe in free. And these 3 engines are and do what I want to accomplish. The debate should be on which will work for you. I love all 3.

My view on the bad points:
Unity, Unreal… Yeah … no I won’t be cheated out of my money and neither will my fans that get my “free” games. (Note yes my games are and will be free).

BGE… Sadly and unfortunately BGE was a great horse… No a Thoroughbred horse, but was put out to pasture only to run in a small field (2.79 and below) forever. Sadly this is the facts.

UPBGE… Has the greatest potential, but doesn’t get the attention it needs. Like the student in school who fails because no one acknowledges their abilities and treats them like they are like everyone else. UPBGE’s pluses are a long listed biography, but they haven’t made it to 2.8, they aren’t updated enough for demand, and really needs some love to flourish. Sadly these are the facts.

Armory… Yeah… the elephant. Strong, Powerful, sturdy, and rough around the edges. But if you like Python (like I do), here’s where things get complicated. Haxe, being a great universal platform tool simply causes most to run in fear. Teach-ability? yeah good luck there. There isn’t enough info out there to get a strong grip on. Sadly theses are the facts.

Now before you scream “TROLL!!!”
Let me stop you right there. I am not trying to cause a fight, nor cast doubt of what BGE and UPBGE can do… No not in the least. I’m mearly pointing out that as of today (08/07/2019) that these engines all have potential, but lack (at the moment) the completed package promised by their documentation.
Do I want any of these awesome open source, free licensed, gems to stop?
Surely you joke, NO!
I just want to bring awareness that these diamonds in the rough need to be polished more. They need their programmers and coders to see the bugs, flaws, and small problems addressed and not be dragged threw the mud because they are open source and free.

Thanks for reading.
Keep gaming… Keep building… never let it go!!!



Unity, Unreal… Yeah … no I won’t be cheated out of my money and neither will my fans that get my “free” games. (Note yes my games are and will be free).

you what?

what the hell are you talking about? You don’t have to pay anything to anyone to use those engines, especially if you’re not charging for your game.

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branch eevee merge 8 is working in 2.8

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Dude i like the way u talk but have u even checked out my other threads instead of saying all this.

Offcourse yr not trolling or anything but yeah you coulda dropped some feedback, my take these days is that i seem to feel a sense of disconnect with the community or should i even say there is a community at all?

My game is meant to be a tribute to the BGE’s existence in terms of being worked on actively and updated so UPBGE is a testimony…
so im giving it my all this time around since these are the Last days …

anyways u can also chec out my thread and comment on it!

please check out the evidence before just saying things out lol!

otherwise take care @IamKraZ


Thanks for the UPDATE but we need a standalone build we cant go about compiling these branches ourselves pls do it for us devs do it for everyone (Public)
so we can all experiment test and learn new things …

PLEASE @BluePrintRandom


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This is a major ** “IN YOUR FACE”** to both GODOT and Armoru Users once UPBGE - EEVEE gets really refined after proper updates and refinements…


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So I see UPBGE has true PBR graphics now, that’s one issue solved.

Still, I read about how people are still using vanilla BGE because of crippling bugs in the fork. If UPBGE is to be viable, then it needs to be stable enough to get the remaining holdouts on board and resolve the other major issue of stop-and-go development (ie. long periods with no commits or releases). In my opinion the best BGE version ever made was 2.69, UPBGE already tops it in features and should be able to in stability as well.

UPBGE is competing against other engines with very fast development and more permissive licenses, it needs to have some incredibly good games, and complete games at that, made with it to convince people to actually give a GPL copyleft game engine a try.


nobody called this a stable build. heck, this isnt even an experimental build. upbge eevee was a frankenstein monster to see just how hard making a production ready build will be.

the fact it works at all is a major bonus and an excellent proof of concept.

i also dont know why this always has to turn into some competition. we all know the bge will likely never be able to properly compete.


actually if we got together and funded it like godot has…

it could surpass ue4 / unity …


By @Oby1 - UPBGE - EEVEE: True PBR in full realtime !!!


BGE is on its own league !!! (U SHOULD KNOW THAT BY NOW BUDDY)

UPBGE’s true Goal and purpose is to teach and make freely available made games and to teach newbies coming in to game development , they dont need GODOT or Armory or Unity Or Unreal to become a self trained “pro” at designing and “coding” or even running their own projects, this provides an essential path for game development/ Prototyping and the improvement in UPBGE development, if they wanna go serious then they can consider leaving upbge when they’re confident enough to do so…Otherwise for Now UPBGE’s Goal is to Teach ad create content on it !!!

(Competition is not a big deal soon we’ll be on unreal level but for that to even happen there’s a TON of work that needs to be done on its development side)



I’d Kill to see @haidme’s KRUM 2 being made as a final sequel to Krum series but on UPBGE after the battle Arena dlc/ spinoff !!!


THIS IS THE FUTURE OF BGE - New UPBGE just got released EVERYONE !!!

Download New Relase here Guy’s!
Hope you all Enjoy and make amazing Stuff !!!



@xalener read the fine print.

Ok, ok, lol I did get a little long winded there. I didn’t want to step on any toes. I loved BGE and LOVED… yes loved making fun things in it. So yes, I was a little “butthurt” when Blender 86ed the BGE. I’ll check those threads. Thanks.

I’m hoping UPBGE does go 2.8.

Or has it? Is this build 2.8 capable?
What’s this? UPBGE grabbs the CHAIR! not the CHAIR!
Armory doesn’t see it coming…
Ouch that had to hurt…

Lol, Dude I have BGE back YAY!!!

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It’s an experimental build is what I understand, but it can handle some of my nastier files so I’d say one could probably make at least some small games with this.

The one thing that doesn’t work is LibLoad, from what I’ve been told the idea is to drop the old blenderplayer and use bpy code to grab external files and do operations involving major funk. Everything else seems to be more or less the same as regular UPBGE builds.

Overall, my only real complaint is I can’t get used to the new UI. My god, it’s a dumb makeover.



I’ve gotten used to typos, lol.

So far the only issue I have with it is that it seems to be missing some of the factory addons, lol, you know theBlender addons, lol.
But so far I’m loving it.

thank you so much for this new upbge release. Once my game start to be solid, i should definitively give a try to eevee as render in my game.

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