UPBGE Masterclass 2022, Game Jam

The aim of this jam is to bring together people with knowledge about UPBGE game development and encourage you to do your best to demonstrate the potential of this excellent engine, I want your help to increase the catalog of this amazing engine, which unfortunately has a catalog small, but can you help me change that, of your “bits and blood” in this competition and help us improve the catalog and show you what you are capable of doing within UPBGE, how far will you go? join my jam and go for it!!

Link: https://itch.io/jam/upbge-masterclass-2022


masterclass? this is not a masterclass it’s just BGMC (blender game making challenge) but then one that you organize. So why not wait for next bgmc and join that one?

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no, you got it confused, I didn’t organize this event you’re talking about, I’m someone else, I didn’t even know about this other event a few days ago, I found out after creating it, precisely because the organizer didn’t use itch.io, the objective my jam is totally different… I recommend you see the proposal to understand better, thank you!

About the name masterclass, it’s because I invited the best devs I know, precisely for the purpose of bringing an advance in the engine catalog… I don’t know if the name is already used and honestly I don’t care about it, the important thing is for people to participate make good projects with the theme that I will disclose on the day, I chose something very intuitive so that no one has problems, and we have cool projects sent at the end, I hope you at the jam too…

A masterclass is some one who is a master/professional with blender game engine(in this case) who’s teaching others how to get better at it. It’s not a jam or something to collect games for a catalog.

So it’s not about

But just it’s meaning in general

All you want from this is:

To increase the quality of games made with bge/upbge and put it into a catalog.

You can find some cool stuff in the resource and finished projects section as well if you want to.

Sorry i won’t join jams or bgmc’s(the jams that we as a community organize) for that matter, i just can’t clear a week or weekend to build something that’s worthy to be shown.


About the name, it lives up to the meaning of the jam, I created the jam so that professionals can show what they can do with the engine, so “masterclass”, unfortunately many of the professionals I know will not participate precisely because of the stigma that the engine has something casual… something I disagree with, she has professional potential, but she hasn’t been adopted by a competent studio yet, if we had more examples like “The Future’s End” we could change that stigma, and you can only do that if you attract the interest from people who already work in the industry… but I’m upset because I had few entries in the jam…

but I’ll try to do something professional with my work, and wait for other professionals to have joined the jam, we’ll only see when it’s done…

remembering that when I say professionals I mean people who make their living through the game development industry… I’m not talking about a “social status” of “a good BGE developer” but I may have given the wrong idea because I’m not fluent in english…

In short “let’s see what professionals can extract from the engine in 16 days with a simple theme”

Bro, apologies for talking, but it’s a title and nothing more, if you take it personally or even socially, you’ll have a lot to talk about and on several occasions. Leave the name alone, those who are participating are masters of their own levels, of their own goals, but not above others, I think you understand that so there is no level seriously, because even you can be a master, just teach , until you can be a professional, just try hard as anyone can be blz friends, these are my humble words!