Upbge or armory 3d

i have work in upbge 0.2.5 and now i want to change
witch one choice
armory 3d or upbge 0.3

Armory is still highly experimental, and some bugs make it only usable for prototyping (like how you can only have one pointlight at a time when targeting for windows, but in Browser you can have as many as you want). But Armory is very very fun to use, and there are games that made it despite of the problems, like Offroad Mania https://store.steampowered.com/app/1222040/Offroad_Mania/ .

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do you mean ubpge better than armory 3d

no, thats just my opinion on Armory, I dont know stuff about UPBGE other than I didn’t like BGE at all.


Armory can export games to andriod, mac, browser etc, whereas currently upbge only suppets pc, so yeah, in terms of platforms, armory is better

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Upbge is very feature complete,
And currently under heavy development,
(Youle + loki + all the work they merge fro master)

Where as armoury last I knew the dev Was working on armoury paint.

We have pbr/volumes/ssr/bloom/ and soon vulkan.

For logic we have logic nodes, logic bricks, python, you can compile .So files from c / py and now a friend of mine is using rust =D


Very interesting. Can you share a link to logic nodes examples, and c/rust usage for game logic?

for the compiled .so files - @sdfgeoff has a BGMC with it
I will ask @pacyfist from discord for a git of his rust ninjitsu

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yes, I am old in upbge I have started with upbge but now I want to try another engine
but after trying armory
i think upbge is the best

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