[UPBGE] Texture Addon | Bake Parallax


Same as baking normal.
1 button baking, simplify process of making parallax map in GIMP/image editor.
It will automatically bake on UVMap image slot.


Sample .blend

…and the Addon.


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A great Thanks mziskandar,
Very good idea!

Thanks Spirou4D.
I dont know why the images/attachment wont show up in my post.

Nice addon. I haven’t tested it yet but the idea is good and I think it will work. :smiley:

I dont know why the images/attachment wont show up in my post.

Strange, normally it should work.
But “insert image” with the image links works:


Thanks Maujoe.
Maybe because I m on tab. Where drag and drop not working in the attachmment window.

Brilliant! Thanks very much for contributing to upbge!

it seem to be a nice game

wow Man Nice work ey !!!


I’m confused, what exactly does this addon do? How do you use it? In the code it’s showing a “displacement” and a “normal”, does it make both at the same time? I’m only getting the normal.

can we resurrect this/

I need to bake these in game *

mzBakeParallax.zip (1006 Bytes)
Addon that works like normal baking.

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actually I think I need to bake parallax maps in game :smiley:

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Small tutorial.


Love it, but still need to bake parallax uv maps In game,

(it’s for generating and editing terrain in game)

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