[UPBGE] Tunneltwist - an endless runner game

a game made with UPBGE 0.2.2

Latest Source: https://notabug.org/rbduck/Tunneltwist
Download Tunneltwist 03

You are in a mine, where you have to collect gold and dodge obstacles.

Video Tunneltwist Version 01 [video]https://platen-software.de/sebastian/Tunneltwist/tunneltwist_v1.mp4[/video]

assets and textures are all CC0, code is GPL

i added a video now: see first post.

Update: I added a link to the repository

the game structure has changed (split into 2 files)
menu and another segment added

you need to download the latest source code to try these changes.

I released version 02 now, with new segments, performance improvement and more updates.
Now you get faster, that makes the game harder while playing over time.

In total there are 9 segments now.

A highscore mode is coming soon, also planned are some gui improvements.

My highscore was 2650 points.
What is your highscore and what ideas for improvement do you have?

I released Tunneltwist 03 now.


  • highscore added
  • new segment (in total 10 segments now)
  • silver coin / nugget - collectable added

Lookin guud bro, keep it up bro !!!

it is a good hard videogame.

yes - it is hard too, next i gonna add more segments and i want to create some special collectables (gems) which give more points too.
Another Idea I had is powerups.

i added segment 11 now.