UPBGE Updater Addon

That’s right folks, if you have a Windows computer, install this addon and you can update UPBGE within Blender with literally no effort at all!

Download Links:

Updater v4


Its interesting. :slight_smile:

I hope you used my latest version because I fixed some issues with the previous one.

Surely you could utilize threading so blender doesn’t freeze and rather downloads in the background?

I should but I have never used threading before so I will have to read up on that first :slight_smile:

So you picked up on my idea over @ discord, huh? I am impressed that you finished it so quickly! It certainly does look interesting, and I might try it, but I don’t want to lose my data accidentally…

I just uploaded the V2 of the addon. I implemented threading so now you can download the update and blender wont freeze.

Aaaand just made version 3. I redesigned the layout and made some features work better. Enjoy :slight_smile:

And a question: This re-downloads all the new UPBGE, or just the updates over the last version? I would guess it is the latter? Anyway, nice work, see if you can add some kind of back-up or auto-save function, so no files will be lost.

This downloads the most recent UPBGE release. I don’t think that a save function is necessary because blender is now still operable during and after the download. Only after clicking install does blender restart.

So it is just a shortcut to going into Google and downloading and installing UPBGE?
Because in games they only update, not re-download the updated version.

Yeah, all the addon does is download the latest release from the upbge website, extracts the downloaded rar file, deletes the current blender files and replaces them with the extracted ones.

How amazing this is i must say that iam so impressed.

Sounds Dangerous LoL we dont know if Bugs will be all removed lol we cant expect such but lets hope so. :slight_smile: :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

(Cuz i mean LoL its like Running to the Toilet instead of going to the Mall/Supermarket.)
Anyways its awesome i Like it !!!


I updated the addon. Added some security features to prevent cases of Blender crashing after installing. If you are not an administrator of the computer, you will be asked to enter the administrator password. If you don’t, the installation will cancel. I also removed the cursor progress bar and replaced it with reporting the progress in the top bar of Blender.

After UPBGE 0.2.1 came out built under Blender 2.79, I realized there was a problem in my code that did not account for the change in directory names from 2.78 -> 2.79. I fixed the code so now re-download my addon and it will work properly.