Upbge +Xr_branch - test - update- game engine working in VR :D

upbge +Xr_branch - test - nothing really wrapped


intially I get a crash on starting the engine, youle had me patch up some code -

engine runs on desktop - headset gives ‘balls spinning’ busy symbol

viewport vr stuff works like a charm though

it’s working !

new build incoming

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Yes!!! This is the future I’ve been waiting for!
Which kinds of VR does this work with?

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XR - so SteamVR - Occulus - WMR - and more I think**!

I only have the WRM - Samsung Odyssey

Build incoming

important setup info - and follow this youtube -peterK is the one adding XR

also thank Youle and Loki - they both got this working in the GE.

build - https://drive.google.com/file/d/1j97GWWaX5QMwHqNfWXYh_zPs5xZM_mQ_/view?usp=sharing

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ok so the camera in the scene is the center of the pose by default

swapped it dynamic and now I am running around

had to move lots of stuff into pre_draw callbacks so updates were all in sync (xr/logic/physics)