*Update* Early Morning | Realtime Archiviz in Eevee

Hey all! Took the time the past few days to learn Blender Eevee, have messed around with it a few times, but never did “realistic” type renders. It’s been a while since I’ve done an architectural render, with the last one I did being when Andrew Price’s Architecture academy just came out. He even critiqued of my renders! Been a while, so decided to get back into it. All materials and textures were custom, nothing pre-imported. There was multiple models included, that were downloaded from CGSky, but other then those its all from scratch. Keep in mind this is rendered in Eevee, in Realtime, with close to no post processing. So its not gonna be photoreal if its gonna run Realtime on a mid-level machine.



looking good, only the glas material and the “floating” remote controll will tell me that’s something wrong with it. Also the pillow in the front got SSS (subsurface scattering)?

Thanks! Yeah, Glass is defiantly hard to get right in Eevee. That floating remote control is part of that issue, because its a glass table its sitting on. I’ll probably change it to a solid, then update the images. Any thoughts as to how to get the glass to look better? And looking at it, SSS is a issue, i’d agree. Thanks!

Found my issue. Wasn’t using a hdri, so the reflections were dull. No idea why this was the case, issue with blender maybe? But now it reflects the scene.

Did some Updates to it, fixing glass, and better color grading.

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