-update, finally done- Silent Harbor

Very nice, the only things that bug me are the water in the lower right hand corner. Maybe it is supposed to be like that, but it just looks weird. The second thing is that the moss on the pylon things (That is really good) isn’t on the ladder. All of a sudden the ladder looks a little out of place.
Overall the scene is really good, and if you changed those things (well, you would only have to put moss on the ladder) IMO you’d be able to pass it off as a photo.

Finally done… lol. Here is the update, I’m calling it final but if anyone has anything to add about any flaws I will be happy to know them.

Everything looks great. The only thing bothering me is that the poles have no effect on the water, there are no rings around the poles.

I feel that the black and white version looks better. Its hard to describe but some of the textures in the color version just seems off, and the water has no depth, but those problems get hidden in the black and white version.

how did you simulate the effects of the boat on the water?

very good stuff btw

Wow, that is really nice! But the water is too blue, it needs to be more green.

I think the water should be moving a tad, other than that its progressing pretty well.

looks real good but my only crit is the little shack on the middle lefthand side, it a person supposed to fit into there or is it just a little hole?

great pic

Looks good, but my only crit is the water still looks like a floor instead of water