update lil boxxer bug in the intro

i, m trying to fix my intro all mode done the demo game 2 level start at may. and i stop for a little while just whent back on it by
september and still not done and nothing hads add on it but now a sec level have be add so as a intro and i cross some bugs in the game please help me on programing it post the be non programing but i can’t stop the sound overlapping so it delete .

now here some erro need to be fix in my game.

  1. the game physics is cazy there are 2 physics running in my game bullet and non bullet

  2. new blender come out very soon this game project not done why to download 2.49 or 2.50 i just got blender it slowing me me down on this project

  3. in my game have a lot of bugs the need to be fix

    1. it crash on win vista
    2. my new graphic card doz’nt support the glsl graphic:( it a ati all n wonder 9000

and i need a dbuger and dprogramer this game had been still on my computer for a long time and not comelete i trying please help on this and all so i a fast learner think you



here the file for the game http://www.savefile.com/files/1892195