Update of the decade


I can’t even remember how many times I have accidentally closed blender by closing the console window. For some reason my brain refuses to learn, so I am super grateful for the idiot proof console window update.

It’s the little things that make a big difference:

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If I’m reading correctly, this means that people with a hung app need to ctrl+shift+tilde / ctrl+alt+del / right-click taskbar > task manager > find blender > force close > confirm.

Instead of just hitting ‘X’.

Yeah, I kinda liked the ‘X’ better :stuck_out_tongue:

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IMO, to not hurt anyone… Just the laziest and one of the dumbest solutions.
Would be much better, when & if accidentally X is pressed: “Do you really like to Quit Blender?” appears. Again, dev. catering to newbies and brain dead (people who can’t learn new things anymore).

Assuming you toggled the console before blender hung.


That’s true.

I always start with the console, I forget that it’s turned off by default :slight_smile:

Anyway, found a possible remedy by using this shortcut for blender on windows. My previous post can be disregarded!
cmd.exe /C "C:\b28\blender.exe"

This only applies to the toggled console, if you start with the console, they trust you enough to take the training wheels off.

I just get so used to the user preferences pop up, I open it, do what i need, then close it.

Then whenever I am debugging a python script, I open the console, find out what I need, then close it… and curse and curse.

Thank goodness for 60 second autosaves, but it’s still a little irritating.

(Yes, I know I should learn from my mistakes, but for some reason that one bites me repeatedly)

i learned to get around this by closing blender with the console window. im a bge guy so the thing is always open.

about 50/50 i use the console to intentionally close blender.

Well, you don’t need to worry about it now, with the bge being removed, right?

Too soon?

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lol, i actually still use 2.74. good version this is.

my whole computer is a nice little time capsule from a better age.


I had never use the X on the console before
but you are right if you click that X you loose blender !

so I don’t really mind if this X on console is removed I guess it is ok
now you wont loose blender cause of the console !

happy bl

Lol, i use to close Blender bringing up the console window (i setup a shortcut) and hitting that X! This to prevent the saving of the “quit.blend” file in temp folder, which depending on the project might take a while.