Update.. please comment and help :)

Please rate and comment. Its not much jet… but i’m still working on it.
Uhm got a problem with a halo figure…

I added a grid and removed the edges and faces. I selected the mid vertices and moved them up, while proportional editing was on with random falloff… Result: a pilar of particles

material > halo > halo size = 0.2
result: nice beam

I wanted the beam in a glass pilar. But a render resulted in a picture where al the vertices dissappeared.
So how can i make them visible through glass with ray trac on…

Oh, and: there is a rectangle in the picture, because i accidently set a blur for the render, and i cancelled the render halfway… :slight_smile:


After updating :slight_smile:


I want to create a vertical beam (should look a bit futuristic)… i guess the best way to do it is with particles…

But i can’t find a proper tutorial… can somebody tell me how?

See the following:
If those don’t help, please come back with some more details of what is missing.

well i know the basics for particles… the very basics …

but i see people creating uhm… beams… and there are no tuts for that :S

i need something like… uhm … the beam from a jet engine

might be worth having a look here.


thanks alot: it worked. But there is a small problem. The halo’s arent visible behind glass xD is it possible to make them visible?

Elessar … Hmmm … now that is interesting!!! I created a cube and subdivided it a few times. I then gave it a texture of Halo and it glowed nicely. I then placed a plane between the camera and my halo’d cube. Next thing i did was give the plane a texture and set its Alpha=0 and switched on its “Ray Transparency”. Sure enough, just like you said, I was unable to see the halo effect.
Just as a test, I switched off “Ray Transparency” and switched on “ZTransp”. This time I could see the Halo’d cube through the transparent plane.

but the "real glass effect’ is gone then , right?

I need to test that… but i have no time right now. I’ll do it tomorrow midday

Can anybody help? I can’t see my halo 'ed mesh thru glass… when raytracing is on :eek:

anyone? …

come on :frowning: :spin:

bump… … …

I dont think its possible with the current version of blender dude, send that out to them and see if you can get it in an update… I believe it doesnt work because Ray Trans only allows light, and light reflection through, such as shapes colors and lamps. Halos are a sort “fake light” where they appear to be lights but are nothting but overly visible verticies (which have no size or color, so do not reflect light). Try using very small icospheres with low vert counts, or small cubes with high Amb and Emit settings with the same particle system, and tell me how that works.

Heres how it sort of looks, ig nore the lines and the shadowing, I did this in less than 2 minutes so eh. thats full Emit, full Amb, and about 50-60 cubes, but you could use triangles for much fewer verts, and I didnt use particles so, its even easier with that.

Ok, i’ll give up the glass. Can you comment on what 've got so far? :rolleyes: