Update to iptic.com (Blender Integration Effort)

(acasto) #1

Hey, the Blender Integration Effort and Free web spaces is almost ready to begin. I’ve already starting a few for testing purposes and such. They are seperate virtual servers, so if anyone has a domain name, or would like to or is planning on getting one, we can point it there. This would also allow for different configurations in the future.


Let me know what you think about the format. This is just an example of how it will look to see what people think (the stuff on the main part is just temporary) , the full site will be setup to prevent any orphaned frames, so you can bookmark to them and the such. With the community, the forums will be extremely specialized so as to prevent too much double info in posting between iptic and here at elysiun. An example would be, ‘linux and 3d’ or ‘linux and blender’ or ‘3d programming’…so that it will be easier for someone looking for an answer to find it… :smiley:

Also I’m working to implement things such as a ‘skills database’, some type of setup for workgroups to meet and exchange data, and a few other things…I’m pretty tired right now…lol. People are shocked to find out someone is giving away 50MB FREE with NO FILE LIMITATIONS, NO ADS, and EMAIL, full CONTROL PANEL ACCESS, and so on. The reason is, is that I…I really don’t know. I just think there is potential in it, and I have nothing better to do…so why not do something cool.

As things grow I will grow the services and the server (servers maybe one day) along with the community. As of right now, I will be able to hold around 150+ sites, then will have to look at options to expand. I would eventually like to have a fully interactive, 3D community, in which all of us around the world can meet there and see avatars of each other (like adobe atmosphere) and interact just like we were there. Like a “Blender Lounge”…that would be cool…if anyone is good with interactive blender design and would be interested, let me know! 8)

(blengine) #2

this sounds like a great idea! and FREE web space? thats great… i love your idea for the skills database, what else are u planning on having with this site?

(Free Mars) #3

Love the idea behind Iptic.

If I could figure out some way to make a contribution to Iptic I would, but I probably lack the abilities necessary to do so.

(acasto) #4

Thanks, right now the only thing I need contribution wise though is things like tutorials, scripts, plugins, freeware (or links to…though the freeware topic is doing good), and the such. I am so glad that people are behind this idea, and I hope it continues to grow in the shadow of elysiun, to become one of the ‘good’ blender sites around town.

In the future though, once the site begins to reach capacity, I may set up some type of donation system, or something to increase it’s potential. My plan is to get it started, set up a good foundation and everything, then once things start to get maxed out, set up a system, whether it be donation, or selling something on the site, or whatever, to make enough to increase capacity. The only thing I can see it needing in the future is hard drive upgrade, and probably ram. I’m running a single hard drive now, with the potential to hold around 150+ sites, and 256Mb ram. Some day I would like to take this to dual scsi (I’ll set up raid1) and 512Mb ram. I think the raid would also give better reliability incase something bad happened. But this is all down the road, lets see where it takes us first.

Thanks again for all the support and help