(Timothy) #1

Hey all,

As I promised I started updating last monday,… however I made a pretty big,… pretty stupid mistake which disabled me from continueing the update.

Right now I am writing some php code to correct my mistake,… and I hope I can update either friday or sunday.

In the meantime I have also put out a bid on a new server on ebay.com, if I win the auction it means I can greatly improve the services of elYsiun.com in the future and I have some nice plans brewing.

1 of those plans is a big rewrite of all of elYsiun.com’s php code which will offer me the ability to make elYsiun.com ALOT more interactive.

Hope to be able to tell you guys more next week, as by then I will know if I did or didn’t get the server.

Timothy Kanters

(SKPjason) #2

…pleasegettheserverpleasegettheserver… :wink:

Can’t wait to see what you got brewing…

…haven’t been disappointed yet… surprising as that is considering your Dutch… :wink:



(Timothy) #3

lost the bid,… got too expensive for me.

might just buy a new server,… whatever happens by the end of this month I want a running server.

So donations anyone? :slight_smile:

(Timothy) #4

seems like I’ll be able to order my new server by the 25th of this month. So that will be cool to finally be able to start work on the new elYsiun.com (same design just more features and alot better backend).

In the meantime I have been working on some php code to undo the mistake I made while trying to update last time. The php code will be ready tomorrow so I will probably do a update straight away tomorrow.

Anyways with this update in place it means I can do gallery updated alot faster, since the php code takes over some of the stuff I used to do myself.

Phew hope I can get back to the important stuff soon :slight_smile:


(Timothy) #5

Hey all,…

I am very happy today since I finally managed to rewrite the gallery content manegement system in a way that I can correct my mistake and update galleries alot faster.

I will test this a bit more on the elYsiun backup I have running on my home system and will update the galleries either tonight or tomorrow morning.

Will also post something about this at the blender.nl forums.

Anyways see you laters :smiley: