updated ati drivers, will not repaint images, text, and icons inside of blender 2.62

i updated to ati catalyst 12.3, all was running smooth, i whent to open blender, and allot of the text has white blocks over it, and images and icons just arent there, or have a black or white squere in their place also.
i would post a screen shot but my resolution renders that not possible without editing. if anyone else knows of this problems and knows of how to fix please share.

edit, i would like to avoid rolling back drivers if possible

ok, as of now its not working, i rolled back my drivers MANUALLY, to preserve graphics settings, and was able to get blender to work again, ati, blender, please get this resolved

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It would also be pretty helpful if you included information about your computer (video card type/model, operating system, etc.) to assist anyone who wants to help you.