[UPDATED!] Create a Stylized Blue Flame - Harry Potter & The Goblet of Fire



Hey everybody - Wow, it’s been about three years since I posted this tutorial, and it’s still one of my most popular posts by far. Well, I guess the takeaway is to give the fellow artists what they want!

I am in the process of updating the Tutorial for Blender 2.68a, and incorporating new elements of Blender’s kick ass smoke simulation system (e.g. Object Emission, Adaptive Domain, etc). So stay tuned and check out my blog frequently for updates! Here’s the original post:

I posted this in the blender tests section, but I thought it might be useful to others as well.
It’s basically creating blue fire that looks more like Maya or Max’s fumeFX, and it’s more tips that I’ve found along the way than a step-by-step tutorial. It’s sort of based on the look of the goblet of fire in the Harry Potter movie. Enjoy and email me if you have questions!

Here’s the finished result:

Hola… amazing

Post has been updated - check the top of the feed!

When/where can we view the tutorial?

Click the picture or go to this link: http://blenderillusionist.blogspot.ca/2010/08/goblet-of-fire-tutorial.html

Duh! Sorry for being stupid. Thanks for the tutorial!

Can the flames be “baked” upon completion?


How to set up this in cycles?

So I went through the tutorial and an idea sparked in my head of something that I was working on for a long while. I just wish that I was able to get the result I was looking for.