Updated Imac pic

(Kappa) #1

Let me know what ya tink…



(dotblend) #2

damn that looks good!!!
but the keyboard needs some work!

(Tommy5) #3

Very good!

(rogerm3d) #4

looks nice (even ifmac) textures should probably have a more shiny of a look.

(blengine) #5

yeah, keyboard needs werk =( everything else looks very real so it looks out of place… very pretty render :o

(rixtr66) #6

good modelliing,all that white is a little harsh, 8) maybe some softer lighting and subdued background,overall,nicely done.


(bmax) #7

you should subsurf the pod at the bottom (the computer itself) and setsmooth the display frame, otherwise looks fine…hmm maybe the reflections should be of higher resolution.

Good job! :smiley: