UPDATED: One Froggy Evening. Corrections & Making Of

Holy crap. Warner Brothers. :smiley:


Ohh nice, I love warner animation, good job man!

Moved to the gallery.


Good :smiley:
gallery well-deserved


You just replaced Pixar in my list of favorites. That’s my all-time favorite WB short!

Hey, Guys! Thanks a lot! It’s a honor to be in this gallery next to so many talented blenderheads! =D

glad to know there are people out there.

keep on animating, this was very good!
real comment: next, check your lighting, with little work you could make you character 200% more alive…


Wow, amazing conversion! I really like the expression on the guy’s face during the singing. Very, very well done.

There are some things that could be better, but they’ve been mentioned already, so I won’t. 4/5 stars.

Hey guys! Thanks a lot for all your replies.

We’ve corrected some things and also put together a Making-of video, that could help some to see our workflow. This was inpired by the amazing fellas at Gobelins. We’ve learned a lot by watching their movies.

The short updated:
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Wgpi6QtTwXQ (Watch online on YouTube)
http://www.dilid.com/OneFroggyEvening_low.avi (DivX, plays flawlessly in VLC)

The Making-of:


Awesome animation and artwork, I really look towards the completed version of this cool movie. Keep going it’s defently a great piece of artwork. :smiley: