Updated version of the old Motion Trail addon

I saw that the old Motion Trail addon by Bart Crouch was included in master but not updated, so I finally decided to update it myself.
It’s buggy! Save often! I’ve added some initial support for undos. It should work, but it might not always work. I’ve mainly tested this addon on 3.3, though it seems to work with 3.2 fine. Older Blender versions may not work.


Download here, which is the link at the bottom of the readme of this repo, or get it from the src folder:

I’ve added some preferences, more configurable colors, and some experimental support for the trails working for everything.
I feel the addon is in a usable enough state to post it here. If a completely nonfunctional version can be in master, I’m sure this is fine. I’ve wanted a (free) motion trail addon for a while now and AFAIK this is it.

The list of bugs I know about has luckily shrank a decent bit! Currently the only other bugs I know of are child of constraints’ settings not behaving properly, pulling on handles pulling in both directions (not a bug), and vector handles not updating upon change.
I’ve been trying to get the addon to work with the depsgraph. This allows the motion trails to include all drivers, constraints, and whatever else. There’s a toggle for using it, but in its current experimental state, that has the downside of being laggier, resetting unkeyframed changes to objects with keyframes, and probably more.

Here’s the old wiki link.

Here’s a (now slightly outdated) silent video demo:


I remember looking for something like this before and being so sad that the addon was not being updated, the current motion paths system pales in comparison (even if its buggy)

Thank you so much

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Thanks for updating and fixing the things you could. I wonder why we don’t have this natively in Blender.

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